Cognota Product Tips: 3 Tips For Setting Up Your Planning Stages

synapse planning board

Our Customer Success Team shares three tips to consider when setting up your Planning Board stages. In working with our customers, we’ve heard a lot of great ideas and things to consider when defining the stages of your Planning Board. While we make it easy with some default stages you can use to get started, […]

Cognota Product Tips: How to Launch Your Training Intake Process in < 10 Minutes

synapse training intake portal set up

Our Customer Success Team shows you how to launch your intake process in under 10 minutes. Whether you’ve already been using a training request or intake form or you’re starting fresh, launching your intake process with Cognota is easy. So easy, that we challenged our Customer Success Team to walk you through how to launch […]

Cognota Product Tips: Three Asset Types We Bet You Didn’t Think of Adding

woman working from home on Synapse course design

Our Client Success team shares some of the most creative uses of assets they’ve seen in Cognota courses. We love working with our clients on their training designs., Through that process, we get to see unique approaches to creating content that aligns with the company’s brand, is engaging for learners and helps provide feedback on […]

Cognota Product Tips: So You Need to Convert a Powerpoint?

woman sitting at laptop

Our Client Success Team shares 4 ways to incorporate existing PowerPoints into your Designs! We’ve had a lot of great conversations with our clients on how to convert and update their existing training content into Cognota courses. From this, we’ve seen one common theme – the majority of this existing content is in PowerPoint format.  […]

New Cognota Feature: Advanced Assessments!

Assessments are often the expected conclusion to a course, class or training program. However, that same expectation has often led to generic question types, summative testing and delayed feedback. Assessments should be used as a way to ask learners to demonstrate what they’ve learned, and technology is continuing to enable this in powerful ways.  Today, […]

To Camp We Go: Cognota Attends First Annual Ripple Retreat

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein  We’re back in the office today after an exciting weekend at the first annual Ripple Retreat! Organized by Ripple Ventures, the retreat was planned to encourage team building, provide a camp experience, and allow all the start-ups in the Ripple portfolio to get to know […]

Cognota Features: Project Tagging to Make You an Organization Superhero

As a learning and development professional, you juggle a lot of demands and a lot of stakeholders. Keeping your training projects running on time can be overwhelming. Deadlines loom, new projects get approved, and it’s easy to feel lost in a sea of projects and tasks. That’s why our latest release here at Cognota includes a […]

Cognota Feature Update: Custom Best Practices

Synapse Feature Update: Custom Best Practices

We’ve rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements!  Here’s what’s new: Custom Best Practices When you create a template, you can now customize the text for each card with your own best practices. This makes it easy to provide collaborators with context sensitive help and examples for your different use cases. Other Improvements Home page […]

Cognota Feature Update: Tab Settings

Synapse Feature Update: Tab Settings

We’ve rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements!  Here’s what’s new: Preset Templates This feature provides three new out-of-the-box templates for new clients: eLearning (set to Default Template) Microlearning Blueprint If you would like these to be added to your existing account please contact Cognota support. Tab Settings This feature gives Administrators the ability […]

Cognota Feature Update: Template Enhancement

Synapse Feature Update: Template Enhancement

We’ve rolled out a new version with exciting changes, features, and improvements!  Here’s what’s new: Lock Project Cards This feature restricts changes to Requirements cards. Only Admins can add or remove cards. Set the Default Template Admins can now choose the template to set as the default template. The options appears in the context menu on the template home […]