Cognota Pricing

Transform your Learning and Development team’s operations with Cognota. Your team can be fully operational in a single day. Plus, you’ll get access to resources such as coaching from leading CLOs.


For small L&D teams looking to operationalize core Learning Operations processes.



For growing L&D teams to boost efficiency and capacity.

per annum, per L&D user


For corporations to scale and improve Learning Operations.

Custom Pricing

Functionality includes everything in the Team tier for 30 days, then you get free:

  • 2 L&D Users until you need more
  • Project management
  • Administrator controls to manage platform- and user-level settings
  • Unlimited business teams — such as sales, engineering, etc. who make requests and collaborate on projects
  • Unlimited vendor teams — such as contractors who collaborate on projects

Support and Education

  • Live chat support
  • Learning center
  • LearnOps® Community, to learn from other L&D professionals

Functionality includes everything in the Starter tier, plus:

  • Training intake
  • Capacity tracking
  • Resource management
  • Content design
  • Insights dashboard
  • Learning strategy (coming soon)
  • Learning measurement (coming soon)

Support and Education include everything in the Starter tier, plus:

  • Activation and training call
  • Customer care office hours

Functionality includes everything in the Team tier, plus:

  • Integrations to connect Cognota with popular software 
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) / SAML
  • Unlimited data / file storage
  • LearnOps® Accelerator Program

Support and Education include everything in the Team tier, plus:

  • Dedicated onboarding and implementation specialist
  • Coaching from well-known CLOs and industry experts to build and improve your approach to Learning Operations

FAQs About Cognota Pricing

Why Does Cognota Cost More than Project Management Software?

As well as project planning, Cognota has features and functionality for:

  • Training intake.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Storyboard design.
  • Data generation. 
  • Integrations with popular Learning & Development software.

In other words, it allows L&D teams to manage their entire Learning Operations workflow in one place. 


  1. Cognota is built to align with L&D processes, so setup is fast and customization is minimal.
  2. Customers get access to opportunities such as coaching from CLOs and joining LearnOps® community, to get expert advice about improving L&D processes and impact.

The results are stronger collaboration, higher output and insights to facilitate better decision-making. 

Project management tools, which typically require extensive customization to fit L&D workflows, don’t deliver these benefits to the extent Cognota does, if at all.

What's the Definition of a "User"? In Other Words, How Much Am I Likely to Pay?

As it pertains to pricing, a “User” is typically any member of your Learning & Development team. That generally includes L&D leaders, managers, training specialists, instructional designers and similar roles. 

Those who need to submit training requests, as well as view projects and files, don’t require a license. So, you don’t have to pay for them.

With that in mind, many packages start at $14,990 per year (10 licenses) on three-year commitments. However, smaller teams can buy fewer licenses, whereas larger teams buy a lot more.

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