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learning and development measurement methods

Learning Measurement: An Asset or a Liability for L&D?

Learning measurement is a bit like flossing your teeth. Almost everyone–including executives, L&D team members, and other stakeholders–agrees it’s a good idea, but very few L&D teams do it consistently well. As a result, learning …

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LearnOps customer roundtable - working with subject matter experts

LearnOps Customer Roundtable: Working with Subject Matter Experts

Last week we held another LearnOps Customer Roundtable on the topic of working with Subject Matter Experts (SME). These roundtable sessions aim to give our customers a space to engage, discuss and share ideas on …

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templates for training requests

14+ Training Request Form Templates to Supercharge Course Development

Learning and development professionals don’t create courses in a vacuum. They scope their work based on the needs of their learners, and oftentimes, those needs enter the L&D department in the form of a request …

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learning and development strategy

Building a Learning and Development Strategy for Organizational Excellence

While any department, team, or even individual employee can take it upon themselves to acquire knowledge or develop a skill, it’s important for the organization as a whole to build an effective overall learning and …

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training needs analysis guide

How to Conduct an Optimal Training Needs Analysis

Think about it. In almost any situation, analyzing where you are, where you want to be, and how you plan to bridge that gap is a good thing. For example, if your short cut to …

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L&D team planning

Learning and Development Planning Guide [With Templates]

As the pace of business increases and unpredictable market forces continue to influence strategy and decision-making, it seems like it’s never been harder to create a plan and stick with it.  Many organizations are still …

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