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Image for blog post title with computers and data. Title is shown "Why It’s Still Tricky to Align L&D Investments with Business Objectives".

Why It’s Still Tricky to Align L&D Investments with Business Objectives

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, Cognota co-hosted a webinar with ROI Institute, Data-Driven L&D: Leveraging Measurement for Decision-Making and Learning Operations, that explored the ongoing transformation in L&D, measurement, and decision-making. Cognota founder and CEO ...
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4 Ways Your Team Can Upskill Your Learning Operations

In today’s fast-paced professional landscape, continuous development and upskilling are crucial for teams to stay competitive and innovative. By ensuring a strong understanding and application of Learning Operations, teams can ensure that their training programs ...
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7 Strategies to Futureproof L&D in the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is usually in constant training mode. Such areas as customer service and compliance are areas in which firms in banking, insurance, securities, asset management, and even newer technology-first companies like fintechs ...
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Preventing Burnout: How Effective Resource Allocation Keeps Your L&D Team Thriving

Effective resource allocation and utilization are the cornerstones of successful L&D teams. The ability to efficiently manage team capacity can make the difference between delivering impactful training programs and falling short of organizational goals. In ...
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What is Learning Operations? Your 2024 Guide

As corporate learning and development (L&D) evolves, so does the need for a more strategic approach to training. Learning operations, or LearnOps, offer a comprehensive framework that integrates planning, execution, and measurement of L&D initiatives ...
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Evaluating The Success of Your Training Programs

In a previous blog post, we explored the reasons why it’s more important than ever to align your training programs to core business objectives.  Business objectives serve as the guiding light for an organization, defining ...
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