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Cognota, Inc. (the “Company”),

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The Company (“we” and “us”) is committed to ensuring that it complies with all applicable legislation, including legislation respecting privacy and the use of personal information it collects in the course of its business. In this Privacy Policy, the term “Service” means any service or services, software, web site or sites used as further described in the Company’s Terms of Use (the “Terms”).  The Terms are the terms and conditions which apply to and govern a person, firm or corporation (a “Customer”) who/which buys from the Company, or participates in, any Service or Services, software, other product, web site or sites (individually an “Offering” and collectively the “Offerings”) offered or supplied from time to time by the Company and/or uses any Service or Services.

We only collect and use information for purposes directly associated with our business activities, or as permitted by law. For example, we only collect personal information from individuals when they volunteer their information in the following types of situations: when you subscribe to updates or newsletters; request a demo; register for a Free Trial of the Services; purchase or use the Services; register for workshops, events and/or webinars; participate in a promotion; use an Offering; send us a comment about our business; respond to a question or concern which we have; or download promotional material on (the “Website”). Occasionally, we may send marketing information to you, such as newsletters or other informational pieces respecting an Offering and/or promotion. If we consider it necessary or desirable, we may also contact you for other purposes including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for processing an enquiry or to provide offerings that you requested.  We also may use your personal information to collect any monies you owe to us.

Generally, any of your personal information which we have is supplied directly by you.  In such cases, while we will take reasonable care to try to record your data correctly, we typically will not make any effort to verify its accuracy or to update it.  For example, if you provide us with a telephone number or address, we will assume it is correct and current (unless otherwise advised by you in which case we will update our records with any revised information which you have supplied to us).

Subject to any expressed disclosed transfers or disclosures set out below in this Privacy Policy, we do not sell, transfer, or disclose personal information to entities outside our corporation.  However, on occasion, we may send information on behalf of one of our promotional partners or vendors (“partners”) about products or services or updates they provide that may be of interest to you or to the Service. You may be asked if you wish to receive marketing materials from our partners.  We may also consolidate your Service usage information with the Service usage information of other persons and/or users which we collect in the course of our business, and then prepare studies, reports and/or other releases for transfer and/or sale to third parties.

While managing our business operations, we may share information with other persons, firms and corporations such as professional advisors, partners, suppliers, agencies, and sponsors. You should be aware that these persons, firms and corporations may be based in countries outside of Canada, the United States, or the European Union and the laws of those countries may provide for a different standard of protection for your personal information than that provided under the laws of Canada, the United States, and/or effective May 25, 2018 the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and/or effective January 1, 2020 The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and in this Privacy Policy. In such circumstances, we will have in place contractual arrangements which will require data to be processed at least to a standard compliant with what we use.

We may engage other entities to perform a variety of functions, including without limitation fulfilling orders, assisting with promotions, or providing technical services for us and information technology systems.  These entities may have access to your information during their performing the applicable functions, providing the technical services, and/or supplying or servicing the information technology systems.  Further, the Service contains links to third-party services.  We do not control and are not responsible for any of these third-party services or for their content and this Privacy Policy does not apply to those linked Services.  Please check each third-party service for any Privacy Policy which is applicable to such a service.

We take reasonable efforts to protect all information and personal information collected and held by us. We have implemented safeguards to attempt to prevent loss or theft, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, copying or modification.

We recognize that, under certain laws, you may have a right to access your personal information.  In that regard, you can do so by reviewing your profile in the Services.

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Privacy Policy