4 Ways Your Team Can Upskill Your Learning Operations

In today’s fast-paced professional landscape, continuous development and upskilling are crucial for teams to stay competitive and innovative. By ensuring a strong understanding and application of Learning Operations, teams can ensure that their training programs are not only effective but also aligned with organizational goals, delivering measurable results. 

We’ve recognized that a strong foundation in what LearnOps is and how it can be applied to your organization is critical to optimizing your team or personal development and have a suite of educational offerings to allow you to continue to learn and grow your operational skills. 

Using a Learning Operations platform like Cognota is a great first-step in improving your processes and workflows internally. However, we’ve realized that in this emerging space there is more Cognota could do to provide world-class educational opportunities alongside our platform. 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Cognota LearnOps Academy –  the industry’s first accredited Learning Operations program built by a community of Thought Leaders and Experts.  

The LearnOps Academy is a three-month program that includes asynchronous video lessons, direct coaching from Chief Learning Officers, and engaging case studies and peer cohort groups. The curriculum is IACET accredited and CEU eligible and is designed to help corporate teams align on and introduce a learning operations framework to their business, or for individuals looking to upskill or in career transition. 

You can learn more about the curriculum modules, instructors and program costs at learnops.academy.

Registration will go live on July 9th with the first cohort of learners set to begin on September 9th. 

On September 25, we’re excited to present the second annual LearnOps Summit. The LearnOps Summit is a groundbreaking FREE virtual event that will revolutionize the way you approach corporate learning and development.

This is a great educational offering for teams that are looking to learn a little bit more about Learning Operations and connect with other peers in the space. 

LearnOps Summit will allow you to:

  • Explore the emerging field of LearnOps and its role in enhancing learning operations for better business outcomes.
  • Dive into two captivating tracks: L&D Operations & Technology and L&D Strategy & Insights, each filled with expert-led sessions and discussions.
  • Learn the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to accelerate capability building, optimize operations, and showcase learning and development ROI.
  • Gain insights on fostering a culture of continuous learning, collaborating with business partners, and driving diversity, equity, and inclusion in corporate learning.
  • Uncover the power of AI in the L&D ecosystem and its applications in learning experiences, personalization, data analytics, and more.
  • Explore the distinction between performance objectives and learning objectives and their impact on training effectiveness.
  • Discover how to navigate the changing job market and embrace transformative changes in the modern workplace.

You can learn more about our speakers and the programming for the event here. 

Another way to continue to learn about Learning Operations is to connect with peers in the space. Last year we launched the industry’s first community dedicated to Learning Operations and we’re now over 6000 members strong. 

In the Community you can: 

  • Gain insights and best practices from peers who are leading the way in the industry.
  • Start discussions, get answers to your burning questions, and find solutions.
  • Connect with L&D professionals of all levels to network and grow your career.
  • Access curated resources, join expert-led webinars, and stay up-to-date on industry trends. 

Join the community at learnops.com 

We hope that you’ve found some of these resources helpful! Whether you’re looking for certification in Learning Operations, an introduction to key themes and emerging trends or a way to connect with your peers, we’ve got you covered!

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4 Ways Your Team Can Upskill Your Learning Operations