LearnOps® vs.
Project Management Software: Only One Is Built for L&D

Project management tools are generic. They require thorough customization, which results in long implementation cycles. Even then, functions such as training intake can be clunky and you won’t get learning operations data, such as request response speed.

With Cognota, the first and only LearnOps® platform, you’ll get functionality and data built specifically to address L&D needs and challenges, relevant to each aspect of your team’s daily work.

Strategic Planning and Day-to-Day Operations
in L&D is More Than Project Management

With Cognota, you’ll get L&D project planning plus a whole lot more — in one platform
made specifically with your team’s operational needs front and center.

Why project management technology
doesn’t meet the needs of L&D teams.

Former CLO at McDonalds, Rob Lauber, shares his experiences
and insights into Why project management technology doesn’t
meet the needs of L&D teams.

Cognota is More Efficient &
Cost-Effective for L&D Operations

Created for L&D Teams

  • Training Intake
  • Project Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Learning Strategy
  • Content Design
  • L&D Operational Insights

Such as the volume, prioritization, and progress
of training requests and learning initiatives.


2-7 Days

Only L&D Require Licenses

Only L&D team members require Cognota licenses — colleagues submitting requests and tracking project completion get free access.

Generic Project Management Functionality

  • Project Intake
  • Project Management
  • Resource Planning





Up to 5 months

All Users Often Require Licenses

Generic project management tools often require all users to have a license, including those outside the L&D team who need to monitor training project status.

Cognota is built to empower you to run
Learning & Development operations like
a business, right out of the box.

Many L&D teams are trying to use generic project management
tools to oversee their planning, learning assets, project timelines,
collaboration and more. But, since they were created for project
management and not for L&D, these tools come with long
implementation cycles and require a ton of customization to
make them work for L&D processes.

Cognota enables you to hit the ground running with intake,
planning, prioritization, management, deployment and insights
to make your learning operations more effective — all from
one place.

Keep everything from intake to storyboarding in one spot for you, your team, and your stakeholders. With Cognota, you won’t have to jump back and forth between a disparate set of tools, spreadsheets, and emails. 

Log in and enjoy processes and workflows that are ready for the way you work.

Project management tools require weeks of customization and involvement from IT to get right. Even then, many processes remain clunky and ineffective.

But every bit of Cognota is designed for the way learning and development teams work, so you can get started quickly. For example, setting up your new training intake portal with your company branding takes minutes, and you can use pre-built forms and templates that ask the right questions vs. starting from scratch.

Get auto-generated insights on the impact of learning and development projects.

Cognota collects data on your learning operations (including intake, projects, team capacity and resource availability) while you work, so you can easily surface trends and get visibility into the needs of your team and the demand for training in your organization.

With project management tools, data capture and reporting requires multiple integrations and configuration from an IT professional.

Cognota does it all for you, so you can capture which business units are requesting training, get visibility into the volume and priority level of requests, protect your existing resources by demonstrating what your team is delivering to the business, and more. Plus, you can easily send these insights to stakeholders through exporting files and sharing URLs.

Get L&D operational insights without the need for data engineering or IT involvement. Project management tools can help you to manage tasks, but they don’t provide out-of-the-box analytics and insights that speak to priorities and the impact of your learning projects.

Move seamlessly from intake into project planning and keep all your project assets within the same platform.

Cognota enables rapid instructional design and automates storyboarding as you collaborate with team members, subject matter experts, and stakeholders.

Project management tools help you to keep track of project tasks, but other work needs to take place elsewhere. Despite best efforts, it’s easy for files and documents to slip through the cracks or for work to be repeated unnecessarily.

With Cognota, learning operations happen in one location. You and your team can design content, get real-time feedback on interactive storyboards, and export everything straight to an authoring tool or directly to your LMS.

From business partners requesting training through your training intake portal to project contributions from subject matter experts and stakeholders, working with collaborators in Cognota is absolutely free. You’ll only pay for licenses for L&D team members, so you can collaborate with business partners at no extra charge.
Cognota works seamlessly with technologies you already use in your learning tech stack. From your favourite authoring tools to more than 1,000 LMS platforms, you can connect and streamline your existing processes through Cognota’s connector marketplace.

See LearnOps® Software in Action?

Take a peek at how Cognota goes beyond project management to speed up and streamline your entire learning operations.

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