LearnOps Customer Roundtable: Project Management Strategies

learnops roundtable project management strategies

We can’t believe we kicked off our LearnOps Customer Roundtable sessions over four months ago, with our next on the calendar for August 23 at 11:00am ET. 

The goal of these roundtable sessions are to give our customers and L&D professionals a space to engage, discuss and share ideas on topics that are important to them. Topics are crowdsourced from our growing Slack community, and then it’s an open floor conversation.

This month we discussed strategies around Project Management. Here were some takeaways from the group: 

🔍 Without proper project management and planning there is bound to be a high degree of duplication. If team managers and members aren’t able to properly manage what’s in queue and development, it’s likely that there is overlap in what’s being worked on.

🔗Integration and data flow is top of mind! Different teams and leaders will have preferences with what tools are used and where data is flowing. Finding platforms that can help manage the data flow and mapping this out is critical to ensuring downstream reporting needs are met. 

⏳A consistent challenge is how to implement a new project management process when the volume of work itself is so high. Teams that have taken a step back to reimplement their processes believe the investment was worthwhile for the time saved across future projects. 

💡Proper project management is not just about tasks and visibility, it’s also how you link those initiatives back to business competencies and objectives. 

🔨Change management is hard – Taking the approach of setting soft deadlines, communicating the plan openly and listening to feedback are a great first step. Then enforcing the operating guidelines and process you’ve aligned on is critical to full transition and adoption. 

We’re looking for feedback on how we can continue to build an L&D Operations community that L&D professionals like you are interested in being a part of. We’ve put together a short survey so we can continue to build and iterate on this idea. 

Interested in joining us for more conversations that are important to you as L&D leaders? Sign up here to receive future invitations! Some future topics we’re considering are analytics and reporting, and getting feedback from your learners.

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