The CLO Coach Program: Enabling Learning Teams to Reach New Heights

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Here at Cognota, our mission is to enable more people to learn and grow by powering learning operations across the enterprise. While our LearnOps software is at the core of that, we also know that implementing efficient learning operations requires a solid strategy behind the technology.

That’s why we decided to launch our Chief Learning Officer and LearnOps Coach program. With this program, Cognota customers can consult with some of the world’s most experienced and celebrated CLOs and industry experts on their learning strategy, operations, technology and more.

What is the CLO Coach program?

Through the CLO Coach program, Cognota customers can hire a leading CLO to get advice on how to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. You’ll get connected with coaches that include experts like Bob Mosher, Nick Howe, Martha Soehren, Debbie Richards, and Kimo Kippen, who have experience and expertise related to your circumstances. So you get top advice from someone who has “been there, done that” successfully.

With a CLO Coach to guide you through strategic decision making, you’ll be better able to reach outcomes while avoiding common setbacks. Our coaches can bring new perspectives to a situation, provide advice, introduce frameworks and processes to help you reach your goal, and assist with benchmarking the potential impact of your learning operations initiative.  

How it works

As a Cognota customer, all you have to do is reach out to your customer success representative to discuss your LearnOps needs. Next, you’ll be able to select from a list of talented coaches who are best suited to help. 

Once you know who you’d like to work with, we’ll put you in touch with your chosen coach and help lay the groundwork for one-off collaboration or ongoing consulting.

Why a CLO Coach?

Through working with our clients and keeping a finger on the pulse of the L&D industry, it’s become clear that a successful LearnOps approach is part product and part process. 

As the first and only learning operation platform for L&D, we have the product part covered. But the process part of LearnOps depends on a huge number of variables such as organizational structure, industry, goals, priorities, resources and lots more.

So it can be tricky to define and align on the strategy that supports a successful LearnOps approach for your individual organization.

That’s why matching our customers with the right Coach for their situation helps them to think through their process and approach with experts who have successfully accomplished similar goals in the past.

Our customers look forward to the opportunity to partner and collaborate with thought-leaders and industry innovators to further power their LearnOps strategy.

Who are the experts behind the CLO Coach program?

We have an extensive list of CLO or LearnOps coaches for our customers to choose from. They come from a multitude of industries and backgrounds and each has their own unique perspective and experience to draw from when it comes to supporting Cognota customers in their LearnOps goals. Check out the full list here.

We’re excited to see so many industry leaders choosing to come on board the program. But through our conversations with these experts, it’s become clear that solving operational challenges for L&D is critical for those teams who wish to scale learning programs, prove the impact of their training initiatives, and claim their seat at the strategic table.

As the only LearnOps technology available on the market, we’re dedicated to enabling L&D teams to reach their full potential and all the members of our CLO Coach program are fully aligned with this mission.

Regardless of your industry or L&D needs, you’ll find our CLO coaches to be best of class, with the passion, expertise and practical knowledge to help you deliver results. 

Learn more about Cognota’s CLO Coach program

You can find more details about the program here. But if you have a question about the program or want more details, we’re always available to chat. Feel free to book some time to speak with our sales team to learn more about Cognota and our CLO Coach program. 

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The CLO Coach Program: Enabling Learning Teams to Reach New Heights