Align L&D With Business Objectives & Results

Develop business partnerships and keep L&D in the strategic conversation. Ensure you’re aligned all the way from top-down corporate objectives and bottoms-up business partner requests to results, and become a strategic advisor on learning needs across the enterprise.

Features Include:
L&D Strategy | Operating Model | Business Partnerships


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Prioritize and Execute L&D With Clear Objectives

Align Every Request to Strategic Business Goals

  • Map every priority to the organization’s strategic goals
  • Ensure that even tactical work contributes to broader objectives
  • Keep your team aligned and motivated by showing how they contribute to business impact

Easily Set Your L&D Operating Model to Power Your Learning Strategy

  • Build your L&D strategy and programs around impactful business objectives and partnerships
  • Understand how you are investing in objectives and the target results
  • Determine whether a federated, centralized or decentralized operating model is best and easily adjust it down the line to remain agile

Create and Develop Business Partnerships

  • Use your branded training intake portal to collaborate on requests from the business
  • Consult with stakeholders and help them get visibility into which requests should be prioritized as they relate to business impact
  • Score requests based on predicted impact for data-driven decisions

Cognota gives you one place to manage, route

and process requests for learning solutions.

Process Requests Faster

  • Provide a single portal for business partners to submit requests
  • Standardize forms to ensure you have the information you need
  • Collaborate with requestors right on the form when further clarity is needed
  • Provide help text to ensure business partners understand what is needed to evaluate their request

Get the Full Visibility into the Training Needs of your Business

  • Understand who is submitting requests and what types of solutions they are looking for
  • Proactively address learning challenges that are repeatedly requested
  • Provide reports so senior leaders understand where learning investments are being allocated
  • Easily manage approved requests on your planning board for complete visibility

Streamline Communication And Collaboration With Business Partners

  • Business partners have full visibility into the status of their requests
  • Collaboration happens right on the form itself so there is no miscommunication
  • Requests are routed to the L&D team member responsible, increasing the speed of processing
  • Collaboration on approved projects continues as you design a learning solution

Report On Requests To Understand And Show The Value L&D Is Providing

  • Data from requests automatically appear in a highly graphical
  • Understand the volume of requests and how many programs L&D has processed
  • Easily showcase where learning investments have provided impact
  • Ensure senior leaders understand the value that L&D is providing across the organization

FAQs About Aligning L&D With the Organization in Cognota

Setting objectives in Cognota enables you to establish clear and measurable L&D objectives and programs, serving as a foundational roadmap for your team. By setting these strategic goals upfront, you can ensure that every learning request and project undertaken is directly linked to and supports your overall L&D vision, fostering a more focused and impactful approach to learning and development within your organization.

Impact scoring is designed to assess and score each learning program based on its potential impact in relation to targeted goals and associated costs. This enables your team to make informed decisions about which learning initiatives to prioritize, focusing on those that promise the greatest benefits for learners and the organization, and ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

Learning strategy functionality ensures that every L&D task, no matter how tactical, is connected to your organization’s strategic objectives. This alignment ensures that all learning activities contribute to the broader corporate vision, providing clear visibility into how L&D efforts are directly supporting business success and keeping the team focused on high-priority initiatives.

When things change for the organization, L&D needs to change alongside it to gain and maintain a position as a strategic contributor. With the current tech stack used widely by L&D functions, a switch to a new operating model – federated, centralized, decentralized – is time consuming and costly. Within Cognota, you can set the operating model for your team and change it as needed, enabling you to stay far more agile in how you respond to business needs.

Yes! Many of our clients consult with their requestors and fill in the request form themselves during a call or meeting with their business partner.

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