Transform Learning Operations Into Business Impact

See the #1 LearnOps platform in action to learn how you can streamline LearnOps, make data-driven budget decisions, and measure the ROI of your learning programs – all in one platform.

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See Cognota in Action

L&D teams at leading companies use Cognota

Demonstrate the Value L&D is Delivering to the Business

With the first purpose-built LearnOps platform for corporate learning teams

Measure effectiveness
and ROI

  • Track and assess training outcomes 
  • Optimize program impact
  • Demonstrate return on learning spend

Streamline L&D workflows for efficiency

  • Improve team collaboration
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Eliminate disparate tools

Optimize budget and resources for impact

  • Make better data-driven decisions
  • Better allocate resources using data insights
  • Prioritize initiatives based on returns

What To Expect

1. Discovery & Needs Analysis

Goal: Dive into your L&D challenges, goals, and gaps, and explore unique needs your organization might have. (30 minutes)

Outcome: A thorough mutual understanding of your current L&D landscape, pinpointing areas for improvement and aligning our solution to meet those needs.

2. Customized Solution Presentation

Goal: We’ll present a solution tailored to your organization that streamlines your L&D operations while helping you measure effectiveness and optimize resources. (30-45 minutes)

Outcome: A comprehensive understanding of how our solution can address your challenges, supplemented with a live demonstration and relevant industry case studies.

3. Proposal & Action Plan

Goal: We’ll provide you with a formal proposal, outlining your solution, pricing options, and the implementation timeline. (15-30 minutes)

Outcome: A clear plan including pricing, timelines, and the next steps to seamlessly integrate our solution into your L&D operations.

Transform Learning Operations
Into Business Impact

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