Further Power Your LearnOps® Strategy

Hiring a CLO or LearnOps® Coach may be the smartest investment you can make.

Open only to Cognota clients, you can hire a leading CLO or LearnOps® Coach if you want to achieve your L&D goals, faster. You’ll get advice from Learning & Development leaders who’ve accomplished what you’re aiming to do, so you can avoid unnecessary setbacks and challenges.

Sydney Savion

Global Learning Futurist, Google

Kimo Kippen
Former Chief Learning Officer, Hilton
Debbie Richards
CTO, Creative Interactive Ideas

What Success Will Look Like

Enhanced L&D Performance

Improve L&D results and reputation across your organization with a CLO coach who can help you refine strategy and empower your team to execute more effectively.

Assisted Decision Making

Get new perspectives on decisions, and help benchmark potential impact, before your team executes to reduce risk and continue to improve your Learning Operations strategy.

Increased Business Impact

Continually assess Learning Operations progress, opening the door to further innovation and improved support of business partners across your organization.

How It Works

  • Contact Us

    Contact your Cognota customer success representative to align on your Learning Operations needs.

  • Receive Coach Match List

    Receive a selection of CLOs or LearnOps® Coaches from us, whom we can potentially match with you to help achieve your requirements and aspirations.

  • Contact Your Coach

    Be put in contact with the CLO or LearnOps® Coach of your choice, setting the groundwork to collaborate on a fixed or ongoing basis.

  • Drive Learning Operations Success

    Realize the impact and celebrate wins with your new coach.

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