Collaborative & Efficient Learning Program Delivery

Drive measurable outcomes by working more agile to deliver L&D programs efficiently and at scale.

Features Include:
L&D Projects | Learning Experiences


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Manage Collaboration, Content and
Assets on L&D Projects

Keep the Delivery of Learning Programs on Track

  • Manage SME time and content, comments, with precise tagging for targeted input
  • Use templates and playbooks to standardize, ensuring consistency and guided collaboration
  • Assign due dates for tasks and follow-ups to maintain project momentum and accountability

Manage the Delivery of Any Learning Experience

  • Facilitator management (feature coming soon) and capacity tracking for events and activities will help you keep delivery projects on track to drive measurable outcomes
  • Embed frequent assessments and quizzes to provide real time feedback to learners
  • Get reporting to track progress and results

Design Learning Content 70% Faster with Cognota

Collaborate Seamlessly with SMEs and Stakeholders

  • Enable SMEs to upload and comment on content in any course
  • Tag contributors exactly where you need their input so they know precisely what you need from them
  • Assign due dates and follow ups to make sure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Keep projects moving quickly with collaboration that happens in real time

Standardize Courses with Templates and Branding

  • Ensure consistency by using templates and branding for different types of content
  • Provide help text to guide collaborators and creators on what is needed for each section of the course
  • Maintain quality with best practices in instructional design built right into the platform

Create Interactive Storyboards

  • Quickly storyboard out content and tag stakeholders for feedback
  • Share or export storyboards in various formats
  • Ensure all suggestions are captured and actioned by assigning tasks and follow ups

Publish Courses Directly to Your LMS

  • Dig deep into the source of underlying trends with clickable dashboard elements
  • Understand individual team member performance or trends across the entire group
  • Narrow down metrics by department and provide to business partners for further evaluation

Get Insights into the Value L&D Is Delivering Back to the Business

  • Data from designs automatically appear in a highly graphical
  • Understand the volume of designs and how many programs L&D has processed
  • Easily showcase where learning investments have provided impact
  • Ensure senior leaders understand the value that L&D is providing across the organization

FAQs About Delivering Learning Programs  

with Cognota

Absolutely. You can do that in a few ways. First, you can create and use templates for your courses with standardized structure and branding. Second, you can customize help text throughout any template to ensure that everyone understands exactly what you need them to do.

Collaborators don’t need a license in Cognota, just the owner of the design itself.

You can export your designs in SCORM, xAPI, sharelinks, PowerPoint and more.

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