Ensuring you achieve your business goals with Cognota means everything to us.

Whether you want to jump on a video call, ask questions in chat, access our self-guided learning center, or reach out to our community, rest assured you’ll have the support you need.

What you can expect

Get Up and Running in No Time with Dedicated Customer Success

Each Cognota client has access to a dedicated Customer Success team member. We tailor a program specifically for you. Monthly scrums, group training, and customized support helps you get up and running quickly and ensures the platform provides you the value you’re looking for.

Have Your Questions Answered
With Live Chat Support

When questions come up and you need help quickly, you and your team can reach out directly from inside the Cognota Platform. Our Support Team will respond in faster than a minute.

Learn Cognota at Your Own Speed
Through the Cognota Learning Center

Take advantage of self-guided articles, resources, and videos in our Learning Center. Learn about specific parts of the platform as you go, whether it’s training intake, project planning, capacity planning or content design.

Grow Professionally through the
Cognota LearnOps® Community

Cognota customers have access to a private community where you can chat with other customers and industry experts. Monthly roundtables covering trending topics provide unprecedented learning from industry peers.


Getting started with Cognota can take as little as a few hours. Here’s the three-step process:

1. Connect Any of Your Tools
With the click of a few buttons, you can import data and connect or replace tools with our out-of-the-box features. No coding required.

2. Streamline Your L&D Processes
Manage strategy, intake, planning, capacity, content design, and much more from a single hub.

3. Optimize Learning Operations
Unlock insights to drive operational efficiency, optimize performance, and measure business impact.

Of course! We want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Feel free to reach out to us through chat or at support@cognota.com. We’ll be happy to provide guidance or set up a call to get you the support you need.

We send out regular emails and newsletters letting our customers know of any new functionality that is being released. We also post blogs for bigger releases and provide support materials in both written and video form.

Once you become a customer you’ll get an invitation that includes access to an exclusive Slack group and monthly roundtable meetings.

Customer Success