Tell Impact Stories with Shareable Learning Insights

Unlock data to discover trends, identify focus areas and understand the impact of your learning investments.

Features Include:
Data | Analytics | Reporting


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Make Effective, Data-Driven decisions
With Cognota

Surface Request and Project Progress Trends

  • Gain insights into partner requests by department or functional unit to prioritize effectively in line with corporate objectives
  • Track the volume and progress of all training requests for enhanced visibility, prioritization and management
  • Monitor program, project and task statuses, identifying at-risk areas for proactive intervention

Maximize Team Efficiency & Resource Management

  • Monitor team capacity and achievements for optimal workload distribution and efficiency
  • Analyze individual and group performance trends to inform strategic decisions
  • Demonstrate L&D’s value to senior leaders by showcasing deliverables and impacts across the organization

Enhance LearnOps with AI*

  • Instantly access critical data and generate actionable insights with AI, improving L&D efficiency​​​​
  • Conversational AI streamlines LearnOps processes, facilitating faster, data-driven decision making for L&D teams​​​​
  • Empower your L&D strategy with AI-driven real-time reporting, redefining learning analytics and maximizing productivity

*Feature currently in Beta

With Cognota Learning Team Data Is in One Place

and Easily Visualized on a Performance Dashboard

Understand the Training Needs of Your Business

  • See which departments or business units are requesting the most training
  • Get visibility into the volume of requests received and how they are progressing
  • Identify priority level of the requests you receive and where they come from
  • Easily drill into the individual training requests right from the dashboard

Ensure the Efficiency of Your Team

  • Get visibility into the capacity and how much work your L&D team is accomplishing
  • Understand the status of all the various projects your team is working on
  • Analyze which projects and tasks are on track and which are at risk

Showcase the Impact of Learning and Development

  • Protect your budget by highlighting to senior leaders what L&D has delivered to business partners across the organization
  • Highlight data on specific departments like sales, product, human resources or others to show impact on top and bottom line metrics
  • Surface trends to enable data informed decision making regarding talent development

Switch Back and Forth between Granular Data and High Level Performance

  • Dig deep into the source of underlying trends with clickable dashboard elements
  • Understand individual team member performance or trends across the entire group
  • Narrow down metrics by department and provide to business partners for further evaluation

FAQs About Cognota’s Insights


When you’re logged in, you’ll see a tab labelled Insights. Click that. From there, you can navigate between tabs to see different insights.

You’ll have the ability to integrate data from other sources. Just ask our team for more information.

No! The Insights dashboard is included as part of our annual subscription at no extra cost.

Access is granted to your Insights dashboard based on the user roles you configure in the system.  

Yes! If those stakeholders have a role in the system that enables them to view dashboards, you can just send them a link. For those who don’t have access to Cognota, you can download a copy of the dashboard and share it. 

SideKick AI (currently in Alpha) will offer instant access to critical data, generate actionable insights, and streamline LearnOps processes. This conversational AI tool aids in faster decision-making and maximizes L&D team productivity by providing real-time analytics and data-driven support.

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