Measure and Demonstrate L&D’s Impact

Assess the effectiveness and business impact of learning programs and demonstrate the tangible return of learning investments.

Cognota’s impact measurement feature was developed in partnership with the ROI Institute using their trusted and evidence-based ROI Methodology®


Work With the Business to Set Objectives and Measure Effectiveness

Access Best Practices Out-of-the-Box, in Partnership with the ROI Institute

  • Align on business challenges and the economic opportunity of learning investments
  • Measure the success of learning programs and projects by leveraging the ROI Methodology® right from Cognota
  • Measure reaction, learning, application, impact, ROI, and intangibles
  • Get insights into the ROI of learning programs that help build stakeholder support, increase influence, and enhance funding of future business cases

Easily Track Objectives to Ensure They Meet Intended Results

  • Track program objectives to ensure they met the payoff, business, performance, learning, preference, and investment needs
  • Get insights into where programs are starting to see a positive or negative ROI so that L&D teams can quickly iterate before it’s too late
  • Make data-driven decisions on requested, planned and ongoing programs

Demonstrate Business Impact and the ROI of Learning Investments

  • Save valuable time by streamlining learning operation processes while eliminating disparate systems that cause data silos
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your learning initiatives, drive measurable results, and optimize resource allocation
  • Implement scalable measurement strategies that identify opportunity areas and help your L&D team tell impact stories

Cognota Enables You To Assign Resources To

Projects Based On Workload And Availability

Understand Who Is Available To Take On More Work And Who Is Overloaded

  • View resource availability by role, time period, project or team
  • Quick reassign additional resources to high priority projects
  • Optimize your team’s time to ensure you’re providing as much value as possible to your business partners

Prioritize Resources To Deliver Programs On Time And On Budget

  • Assess capacity and reorganize resources to address programs that need immediate attention
  • Understand which due dates are coming up and when team members will have more capacity
  • Assess training requests as they come in and what your team is capable of taking on

Report On Capacity To Determine And Show How Much Value L&D Is Delivering

  • See team capacity as it automatically appears in a highly graphical dashboard
  • Understand how many hours have already been assigned and illustrate team availability
  • Easily showcase where learning investments are being made across the business
  • Ensure senior leaders understand the value that L&D is providing across the organization

FAQs About Cognota’s

Impact Measurement Feature

Many tools claim to provide an impact or measurement feature. But Cognota is the only software provider to partner with the ROI Institute to integrate the evidence-based ROI Methodology®, so you can assess learning program effectiveness and business impact, ensuring a tangible return on learning investments with a proven methodology.

Cognota enables collaboration with business units to define objectives and leverages the ROI Methodology® for measuring program success across multiple dimensions, including learning application, impact, and ROI, to build support and optimize future L&D funding.

Cognota facilitates the setting of program objectives linked to key projects and resources, connecting tactical efforts with strategic goals to prioritize high-impact work and provide insights for continuous improvement.

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