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Aligning learning to business goals is mission-critical for today’s learning and development teams. A LearnOps certification enables you to bring this goal to life through a transformative learning experience.

Introducing LearnOps Academy

Accredited Curriculum

Dive deep into the world of learning operations with our immersive virtual program, meticulously designed around expert-led content presented by world-renowned subject matter experts and chief learning officers.

Collaborate with Community

Throughout the program, your L&D team will gain access to the world’s largest LearnOps Community. Collaborate, innovate, and share successes with industry peers to foster growth and celebrate your organizational milestones.

Coaching and Mentoring

Move beyond theory as your L&D team is paired with LearnOps coaches. These experts will assist you in translating knowledge into real-world applications within your own learning operations.

Curriculum Outline

The LearnOps Academy is a three-month program that includes video lessons, direct coaching from Chief Learning Officers, and engaging case studies, ending with collaborative assignments in peer cohorts. The curriculum is IACET accredited and CEU eligible. 

Module 1: Learning Operations
Module One

Taught by: Ryan Austin, Robyn Defelice, Jess Almlie, Rob Lauber

Module Topics

  • Understand Learning Operations
  • Establish a LearnOps Baseline
  • Navigating Organizational Culture and Politics
  • Selecting an Effective L&D Operating Model

Module 2: Shaping Learning Strategy

Taught by: Martha Soehren, Robyn Defelice, Keith Keating

Module Topics

  • Align Learning to Corporate Objectives
  • Crafting L&D’s VMCL
  • Forging Strong Business Alliances

Module 3: LearnOps Processes

Taught by: Theresa Haskins, Jess Almlie, Patti Phillips, Pharah Jean-Philippe, Travis Jordan, Rob Lauber, Robyn Defelice, Travis Jordan, Megan Torrance

Module Topics

  • Bridging Performance Gaps
  • Business Need Consultations
  • The Alignment Conversation
  • Defining Program Success
  • Fundamentals of Program Management
  • Budget Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Embracing Agile in Project Management

Module 4: Learning Solutions

Taught by: Keith Keating, Debbie Richards and Eric Dingler, Bob Mosher, Theresa Haskins and Kristin Crockett

Module Topics

  • Embracing Design Thinking
  • Learning Solutions
  • Knowledge Management & Autonomous Learning
  • Learning Management
  • Advancing Inclusive Learning

Module 5: ROI and Learning Measurement

Taught by: Kevin Yates, Patti Philips, Andy Billings and Eric Dingler

Module Topics

  • ROI Implementation in L&D
  • The ROI Process Model
  • Data and Evidence Gathering

Module 6: Storytelling with Data

Taught by: Karin Rex, Tom Bigda-Peyton, Karin Rex

Module Topics

  • Crafting Impactful Stories
  • Art of Persuasive Storytelling
  • Visualization Techniques

Module 7: Making Effective Decisions

Taught by: Robyn Defelice, Marcy Conn and Carl Spetzler

Module Topics

  • Data Collection for Decision Making
  • Decision Quality for L&D Leadership

Module 8: L&D Playbook

Taught by: Brandon Carson

Module Topics

  • Building the Future-Ready Playbook

Module 9: Leveraging Technology

Taught by: John Leh and Christopher Lind, Jessica Knox, Megan Torrance, Sabino Marquez

Module Topics

  • Modern Learning Ecosystems
  • AI Discovery and Efficiency Mapping
  • Ethical AI Deployment
  • Gaining IT Support for Technology

Module 10: Continuous Improvement

Taught by: Christopher Lind and Eric Dingler, Pharah Jean-Philippe, Stephen Oliver, Kimo Kippen and Martha Soehren, Einar Schow and Conrad Gottfredson

Module Topics

  • Cultivating Trust with Relationships
  • Assembling High-Impact L&D Teams
  • Driving Performance with Leadership
  • Navigating Change in L&D
  • Drive Continuous Improvement




Who should enroll

The LearnOps Academy equips your L&D team with expert insights and dedicated coaching to optimize performance, ensuring learned skills translate into business impact.

Individual Learning

Independent learners seeking certification. This option only includes videos and assessments. You can access mentorship through our partnership with L&D Cares.

Team Transformation 

Ideal for L&D teams aiming for certification and transformative change, including six hours of CLO coaching and access to Community Case Studies.

LearnOps Academy Launches Fall 2024

Launching Summer 2024

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