Plan and Execute Impact-Driven Learning Programs

Seamlessly plan, budget, and deploy learning solutions that align with your business goals, maximizing efficiency and impact.

Features Include:
Learning Programs | Capacity & Budget | Learning Solutions


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Maintain Full Visibility into the Status
and Progress of Learning Programs

Create and Prioritize Learning Programs in One Place

  • Set clear objectives and evaluations, and foster collaboration for impactful learning solutions
  • Filter programs to concentrate on high-impact initiatives, enhancing strategic decision-making
  • Streamline management with intuitive tracking, accelerating progress and ensuring seamless teamwork
  • Prioritize effectively to focus on urgent programs, optimizing resource allocation and timely execution

Monitor Team Capacity and Adjust Resource Allocation

  • Assess and allocate resources efficiently, enhancing productivity with a real-time view of your L&D team’s workload.
  • Quickly identify and address off-track learning initiatives, ensuring program success through strategic resource reallocation.
  • Monitor upcoming deadlines and align with team capacity for improved planning and timely delivery of deliverables

Engage With Stakeholders, Project Teams and SMEs on Learning Solutions

  • Collaborate on learning solution blueprinting with SMEs to save time and resources
  • Facilitate collaboration with stakeholders on projects, assigning tasks, people, and budgets for comprehensive program oversight
  • Centralize files and assets for each program, ensuring all information is accessible in one location

FAQs About Learning Program Management

in Cognota

On the project board, there’s a button to toggle back-and-forth between a view of your projects and your team’s projects. You can also use filters to see who owns, and is contributing to, training projects.

Multiple stakeholders can be added to each project so you have a full understanding of how your resources are being utilized. You can also use the capacity section to understand who has more or less ability to dedicate additional time.

Click on the Insights tab, and you’ll be able to see metrics related to project stage, completion rate and other helpful data. 

Yes! Priority is a standard field on the project details and it appears both in the Kanban and table view so you can easily identify priority levels. Priorities are also color-coded to provide additional visual cues.

Yes. From the table view, you’ll see an export icon where you can export all of the details for sharing or to use as needed.

Yes! The views are customizable, so you can set up the naming of the swimlanes in the way that makes the most sense for your business. Many of our customers use customized processes.

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