Have Your Experts Tell Stories People Want to Hear

Cognota® was founded on the simple premise that all too often, companies fail because the collective knowledge of their in-house professionals goes uncaptured and unnoticed.

Companies are well aware that the highest cost of doing business — employees — leave the office every night and at some point, leave the company.

Wouldn’t it be great if organizations could retain the knowledge of certain employees, and share it with others? Such knowledge can then stay within the four walls of the organization indefinitely, and everyone benefits.

Of course, companies do this already, as employees create documents and save them on the server, for shared use and mutual benefit.

But Cognota® takes this a step further: we create courses, with assessments and metrics built in. According to some industry experts, 90 percent of skills are lost after training, so retention should be key.

Accessing a document on SharePoint only goes so far: how can a manager truly know that that document was helpful for an employee, that spurred him or her to do a better job?

With a course, the absorption of material is much more structured and engaging — and can be fun in the process, too. Imagine employees excited to listen to another employee in another office — someone perhaps even ‘legendary’ — who is now teaching them how to better handle a certain task or process. The learning serves to not only be instructional but also bring people together — something missing in today’s often remote, matrixed work environment.

Further to this discussion of remote work environments, course development based on knowledge-capture is perfectly suited for the Gig Economy. Your best and brightest experts may very well be contractors living and working far from the company headquarters or office of learning and development. Before that consultant’s contract expires and they move on, create a course based on their knowledge and how it applies to specific tasks that need to get done in your company. In this way, their knowledge can live on and if they return, these experts can create additional courses.

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Have Your Experts Tell Stories People Want to Hear