All Aboard: Onboarding Employees in the New Normal of Remote Work

remote onboarding

There’s a lot going on during the onboarding process for a new employee. You need to make sure they feel comfortable and welcome, are learning continuously, and have access to the right tools and technologies. It requires a lot of communication and face to face interaction.  But now that entire companies have transitioned to working […]

The Top Training Solutions Employees Want in the Modern Workplace

You can spend all the time in the world overhauling your corporate training strategies and building new courses. But if you’re not building what the learners actually want, employee engagement will continue to be an issue and you won’t get optimal results.  Listening to your learner market is imperative. And while we would recommend starting […]

Crushing the ‘Forgetting Curve’

Learner retention is perhaps the most important metric to measure the success of L&D initiatives. However, as we’ve covered in this blog before, the vast majority — often as high as 90 percent — of new skills are lost within a year if not reinforced by practical follow-ups or assessments. A recent article in Chief Learning […]

The Art of Doing Less

‘The most important resource our people have is their time,’ says an HR leader from a well-known media and technology company, in a recent interview with Josh Bersin of consulting firm Deloitte. ‘So what I’ve learned after nearly 20 years in HR, is that we need to do away with almost 75% of the things we do.’ How […]

The Softer Side of Goldman Sachs

The Wall Street Journal reported today that investment bank Goldman Sachs is shaking up the way it handles performance reviews for its 35,000+ employees. The firm has decided to do away with a company-wide grading system (where staff would each be rated on a scale of one to nine), and will soon incorporate an online […]

STUDY: High Performers Share Knowledge

A recent study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), Building a Culture of Learning: The Foundation of a Successful Organization, uncovered insights of high-performance organizations regarding their learning and development initiatives. The report found that in the best companies, employees share what they know.  In such organizations, employees are four times more likely to share […]

Pencils Down: Why Testing Still Matters

Sure, employees want to learn. But they dread having to take a test afterwards. Let’s face it: we live in a testing culture, and it’s not abating anytime soon. From high school students sweating through the SAT to exams qualifying employees for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification, testing will always be a part of […]

People Still Want to Learn from Others

We all love our devices and the always on nature of the Internet and apps, but experts agree: we need social interaction when we need to learn. A recent interview with L&D experts, published in Chief Learning Officer magazine, found that employees prefer to learn by observing, reaching out, and interacting with others. “That social […]

Microlearning Is the (Not So) New Buzzword

According to a recent article in TD magazine, microlearning is defined as training that is delivered in a bite-sized format that puts individuals in control of what they’re learning. Not exactly revolutionary, of course, as companies over the past few years have come to recognize the value of presenting training in shorter formats, that employees […]

Gamification is Dead. Long Live Gamification.

Gamification is Dead

Gamification is the concept of adding a system of ranks, rewards, titles, points, stickers, or badges to an individual’s social profile in the hopes of sparking pride as well as a competitive spirit. Gamification systems usually allow for the creation of requisites and accomplishments that need to be completed before digital goodies can be awarded. […]