The Pros and Cons of Off the Shelf Learning


Sometimes you just can’t do it all. So when internal course design isn’t the answer to training requests, how else can the training team help out? The answer of course is to offer ready-made, off the shelf learning developed by third-party education providers. These courses are generally available as a service: the learner simply logs in […]

5 Training Project Management Tips for More Effective Course Creation

The lifeblood of course creation is the team that builds it. Without proper and effective collaboration and project management in place, the course will not be developed effectively, leading to learner disappointment and lower ROI. Teams certainly need to harness the right project management tools and software in order to track assignments and ensure that […]

More Bad News for For-Profit Colleges

News last week that an accreditation group for for-profit colleges may lose its federal recognition has prompted many L&D leaders to re-think their strategy of making courses from such programs available for their employees. According to the Associated Press, an advisory panel to the Department of Education (DOE) has voted to recommend the government sever […]

“I recorded a video. It’s on SharePoint. Are we done?”

In the rush to train team members on new processes, many department heads or managers decide to take training into their own hands. With the ubiquity of smartphone cameras, editing software, and cloud storage options, many people opt to circumvent formal training designed by L&D and simply build their own ‘training’ for their employees or […]

Have Your Experts Tell Stories People Want to Hear

Cognota® was founded on the simple premise that all too often, companies fail because the collective knowledge of their in-house professionals goes uncaptured and unnoticed. Companies are well aware that the highest cost of doing business — employees — leave the office every night and at some point, leave the company. Wouldn’t it be great […]