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Agile Learning is on the rise. And with so many learning teams striving to effectively implement the processes and methodologies behind Agile, technology can help to bridge the gap. 

Agile Learning is not about replacing existing instructional design best practices. It’s about finding new ways to manage your training projects so you can keep up with training demand, deliver courses faster, and create learning experiences with the user in mind.

Agile Learning is used in lots of different ways by training teams across different organizations and project types. So when it comes to implementing new tools or software, flexibility is key. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful tools and software out there. These Agile Learning tools are there to help with the implementation and management of Agile for your training team.


Jira is one of the most widely recognized software geared towards Agile project management. It was created specifically for Agile solutions. It’s a great option for an “all in one” Agile Learning software, allowing you to manage projects through Scrum, Kanban, or your own unique Agile solution.

It’s important to note, however, that the implementation of Jira can be an extensive project in itself. So it might be more suitable for teams that have conclusively decided to dive into Agile and are certain about how they will be using the methodology for training projects. 

Pricing: Free plan or tiered pricing based on the amount of users and features required


Asana is an Agile project management software that is highly customizable. You can mold the software to your own specific Agile needs. This means you can streamline training project management with Agile, but also incorporate work that may not follow Agile processes.

With the in-product guidance, community forum, and extensive online guides, Asana provides extensive support to clients seeking to implement Agile. 

Pricing: Free plan or tiered pricing based on the amount of users and features required

90,000 teams around the world use It is suitable for any method of working, including Agile, due to its high level of customization. One major benefit of for training teams is its focus on cross-functional team work. So you can work with subject matter experts and other stakeholders over training projects easily.

Pricing: Limited functionality free plan with tiered pricing based on the amount of users and features required.



One of the most widely used Agile methods is Kanban. If you’re ready to migrate your Kanban board from post-its on the wall of your meeting room to an easily managed online method, Trello is a great option.

From Backlog lists to “In Progress” and managing specific tasks in a Sprint, Trello has a wide range of functionality to ease the burden of managing your Kanban board. Plus, it’s completely flexible in how you set up different boards, lists, and cards. 

Pricing:  All the main features of Trello are completely free. Prices for larger teams are reasonable and on a per-user basis.


If you’re trying to move away from having tons of documents in multiple versions in different locations, ActivCollab focuses on document management in one central platform. It’s easy to use, allows for basic task management, and provides budgeting and reporting features.

When it comes to Sprint management, ActivCollab helps you keep track of deadlines by organizing tasks based on timelines with a Kanban-style board. For external learning content developers, ActivCollab also incorporates easy tracking of billable hours across all projects, creating invoices from your tracked time, and sending them directly to clients from ActiveCollab.

Pricing: $6.25 – 9.65 per user per month


If you’ve settled on Scrum as the guiding light of your Agile processes, it makes sense to choose a software specifically built for that particular methodology. Axosoft was designed for Scrum and allows you to manage everything from course planning right through to deployment.

You can plan courses and updates in order of importance and leverage an insightful tool for planning when different courses or topics will be completed and deployed. However, it is one of the pricier options and is mostly aimed toward software teams.

Pricing: $105 per month for 5 users


The Retrospective is important for helping Agile teams reflect on what they have accomplished during their last Sprint and where improvements can be made. Even more helpful is having a tool created for this purpose.

Reetro is an online Agile Retrospective tool to help you plan, manage and execute retrospectives. It’s particularly useful for remote teams and is fully customizable while also providing helpful templates. Retrospective boards can be public or private and you can invite team members to join. Cards  can be anonymous so your Agile team members can feel comfortable submitting opinions, both positive and negative, that will enhance your next Sprint.

Pricing: Free

Fun Retro

Fun Retro is another free Retrospective tool, but with fun colours and an engaging interface. The tool provides a basic template that allows you to add more columns or change the column names. Participants in the retrospective can “like” cards submitted to provide extra support to comments submitted during the Retrospective.

Although you can’t save the Retrospective or its contents, you can revisit it at any time as each board has its own unique link.

Pricing: Free

Whether you have defined your processes and simply want Agile Learning tools to support them, or you’re looking for a vendor who can provide guidance on creating and managing new Agile processes, this list is by no means exhaustive. But most of them do come with either free plans or free trials so you can shop around and find the Agile Learning tools and software that are right for you and your team.

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