4 Ways to Become an Agile Learning Champion in Your Organization

Agile Learning Champion

What’s the best way to show off your expertise and become an Agile Learning champion? By teaching it to others, of course. While we’ve written extensively about how to incorporate Agile Learning methodologies into individual learning projects, L&D should take every opportunity to establish their position as organizational leaders. So, it’s important to promote your […]

Agile Learning Design for Beginners: Get Started in 3 Steps

agile learning design

The speed of business was already accelerating in a pre-COVID world. But now that we are all feeling the full economic and operational effects of the pandemic, it looks like the way businesses operate will never be truly the same again. While Agile had already been capturing the attention of learning leaders previously, now it […]

How to Choose the Perfect Agile Learning Project Team

agile learning project team

There’s no arguing with the fact that a shift from traditional project management techniques (or non-existent ones) to Agile can cause doubt and resistance amongst your team. People generally like sticking to what they know. So Agile Learning implementation is as much about effective change management as it is about the new processes and culture […]

Agile Learning: Managing Your Product Backlog in L&D

product backlog learning and development

Getting the Agile Learning ball rolling takes a deep understanding of how the processes work. But also, the roles and responsibilities of each role on the project team. In many Agile frameworks (including the popular Scrum methodology) the Product Owner is responsible for defining a vision of what he or she wishes to build and […]

The Role of the Scrum Master on Agile Learning Teams

scrum master

When discussing the implementation of Agile, the term Scrum often comes into play. Scrum is one of many frameworks used to implement an Agile process. Put another way, Agile is the philosophy and Scrum is the methodology, or the specific set of rules to follow. According to Scrum.org, Scrum allows teams to work on complex projects […]

The Building Blocks for an Effective Agile Learning Culture

While we’ve written extensively about how to incorporate Agile Learning methodologies into individual learning projects, there should eventually be an Agile culture within an entire organization. Does it seem a bit overboard? It’s not, and it actually is possible. Let’s have a look at how you can get not only your training team on board […]

Getting Your Training Team on Board with Agile Learning

agile learning team

There will no doubt be members of your team who are reluctant to adopt Agile. But there are strategies you can use to convert those who are less than enthusiastic. While it might seem like an easy fix to get the immediate L&D team on board with Agile Learning, keep in mind that you will […]

Journey to Agile: 5 Rest Stops on the Agile Learning Highway

agile learning journey

Once you’ve decided that Agile Learning should be implemented as part of your training team’s course creation process, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The journey to Agile Learning implementation takes rigorous planning. You need commitment from your team, and often a little outside help as well. However, the benefits far outweigh […]

Agile Learning Tools & Software Your Training Team Will Love

agile learning tools

Agile Learning is on the rise. And with so many learning teams striving to effectively implement the processes and methodologies behind Agile, technology can help to bridge the gap.  Agile Learning is not about replacing existing instructional design best practices. It’s about finding new ways to manage your training projects so you can keep up […]

How Agile Really Works in Learning and Development

Curiosity can be a good thing, especially as it relates to Agile. Some have heard of it and think it’s only for software engineering teams. For others, it’s just the latest corporate buzzword. Of course, it’s neither. Agile Learning has the potential to transform the way L&D teams develop and deliver content to learners. The […]