All Yours Tools,
In One Place.
No Code Needed.

Bring your team’s disparate software directly into Cognota. With a library of no-code connectors, you can introduce new tools to your team, make Cognota easier to use across your organization and save time by keeping everything in one spot.


Cognota’s Connector Marketplace

Select the filters on the left-side of the table to display the corresponding list
of connectors available, which will be shown on the right.



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Universal Connector.Connect Cognota and KeyedIn
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Batch create records, Batch delete records, Batch update records, Bulk upsert records, Convert Lead, Count records, Create amendment quote, Create custom field, Create query job, Create record.Connect Cognota and Salesforce
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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Create entity, Delete entity, List entity type attributes, List entity types, List one to many relationships, List status attribute options, Query entity data, Run fetch XML query (advanced), Get entity, Get user information.Connect Cognota and Microsoft Dynamics 365
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Export datasets, Raw HTTP Request (Advanced), List Datasets.Connect Cognota and Domo
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Universal Connector.Connect Cognota and SailPoint
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 List task list tasks, Upload file to project (incomplete), Add person to project, Add & remove people from project, Copy file to a project, Copy notebook to another project, Create link, Create notebook, Create project, Create task.Connect Cognota and Teamwork

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