Free eBook: Managing Training Intake for Strategic Success

L&D teams are receiving higher budgets and increased executive support. It’s great news for L&D, but it also comes with higher expectations. That’s why it’s imperative that your learning programs deliver results that align with corporate goals.

The process for training intake has a significant role to play in delivering on those expectations, but L&D teams often find that the current approach to training requests presents challenges. 

Receiving ad-hoc training requests over email or in-person is less than ideal and makes the management and prioritization of requests a cumbersome task for L&D.

Take control of your training intake process with a strategic approach to managing and prioritizing training requests. In this free eBook, co-authored by Synapse and Metrix Group, we share the components of a successfully managed intake process. You’ll discover:

  • How to overcome common challenges associated with the training intake process
  • The strategic importance of training intake for L&D and the organization as a whole
  • A framework for assessing and prioritizing training requests against organizational goals and business needs
  • A standardized process for training intake, management, information gathering, and decision making
  • The tools that will help to facilitate these new processes so you can provide increased value to your business partners
managing training intake

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