eBook – Less Waste, More Impact: Plugging Budget and Resource Leaks in L&D

Despite an overall rise in learning and development budgets, L&D teams are still finding it a challenge to use that budget effectively. While they have more resources at their disposal, it’s the effective use of those resources that really moves the needle in terms of performance, both for the L&D team and the organization at large.

So, where are the leaks in L&D through which precious resources such as time and budget are flowing? And how can training teams effectively plug those gaps to ensure all budget and resources are used as wisely and efficiently as possible?

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The key areas of learning operations where budget and resources are commonly wasted
  • How to identify opportunities to maximize resource usage and save costs
  • The fundamentals of running L&D like a successful business
  • How to leverage operational insights so all resource usage provides positive ROI for L&D and the organization

Download the eBook: