LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 26:
Kimo Kippen

In this episode, Kimo Kippen, founder of Aloha Learning Advisors, shares his thoughts on how learning and development leaders can make learning the lifeblood of an organization’s success – and how to prove the business impact of their initiatives.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

Making Learning the Oxygen of the Organization

Putting learning at the organization’s center requires commitment from leadership.  With the help of leadership, organizations need to switch from a know-it-all to a learn-it-all mindset in order to shift the culture and put learning at the center of the organization.

Having a Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset that is not afraid to fail is essential for becoming an effective learner. Many learners fear the idea of failing and it holds them back from seeking and achieving their goals. Kimo suggests adopting a mindset that, when faced with failure, responds with “well I didn’t pass yet, I have all the potential and capability, I’m just not there yet.”

Measuring Learning Through Two Objectives

Learning goals can be boiled down to two objectives, moving learners away from pain, or moving them towards joy. Leaders can look at whether they’ve: enabled their team to do something more efficiently and effectively, and if there is a noticeable return on investment with that program.

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