LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 23:
Adil Ibrahim

Ryan Austin, CEO at Cognota, and Adil Ibrahim, founder of Copilot Strategy and learning consultant at Meta, discuss organizational learning challenges, partnering better with the business, and the true path for L&D to earn a seat at the table.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

Self-Directed Vs. Organization-Directed Learning

The learner is the ultimate decider of which behaviors they’ll adopt. It’s the role of the organization not to force the learning on the person but to create the right learning environment and show them why they should learn this new skill.

Building Strong Partnerships

A great way to partner with learning is to give them visibility into the work they’re doing. Increased visibility helps the L&D team understand the impact and importance of the material they’re delivering and helps them align better with business objectives.

Getting a Seat at the Table

For L&D to get a seat at the table it is highly dependent on them articulating their value. L&D needs to understand the business, know the organizational goals, and be able to tie its learning delivery to those desired outcomes.

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