LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 25:
Rance Greene

In this episode, Rance Greene, founder of the School of Story Design, shares his thoughts on how storytelling applies to the operational processes within L&D, including maintaining storytelling within training design throughout hand-offs and multiple processes.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

Developing Relationships with Stakeholders

L&D professionals can benefit greatly from developing a relationship with their stakeholders. It will allow them to better understand what is on their minds, what is frustrating them at work, and how to deliver training in the most effective way for those specific people.

Telling Stories Through Creating Training

Many L&D teams are segmented by function, meaning there are a lot of handoffs from person to person or function to function when developing training. It is essential for team members to share as much context as they can when handing off a project to the next person to ensure the story and underlying message are maintained from start to finish.

Showing the Impact of Training

The success of training weighs heavily on change in behavior. L&D needs to collect information to show that there has been a change in behavior due to training, not only with data but a story to tell about how behavior has changed.

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