LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 23:
JF Goldstyn

Ryan Austin, CEO at Cognota, and JF Goldstyn, Head of Learning Governance and Program Management at Takeda, sit down to chat about the industry outlook for L&D and how they can make progress in an uncertain landscape.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

Technology Enables Better Learning Measurement

As L&D teams gain access to more and better technology, the ability to gather deeper metrics and showcase them to organization increases. L&D teams should take advantage of this at every opportunity.

L&D is an Organizational Star on the Rise

While it remains a key challenge, L&D is seen as a more strategically important function than ever before. L&D leaders need to capitalize on the attention from executive leadership and continue to build it.

Avoiding Knee-Jerk Budget Cuts

Learning and development leaders need to emphasize the long term strategic input of their departments to argue the case for their function when a flux in the business results in shrinking budget and resources.

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LearnOps Leadership: Episode 23 – JF Goldstyn