Easily Plan and Track Learning Strategies

Align your L&D strategies with the business, prioritize learning investments that will have the most impact, and keep your team focused on delivering what matters most.

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Align, Prioritize, and Execute L&D

With Clear Objectives

Define Your L&D North Star

  • Initiate your L&D journey by defining clear, actionable objectives and programs.
  • Create a structured path for your team’s efforts.
  • Directly link objectives to specific learning requests and projects.
  • Ensure every action is purposefully aligned with your L&D goals.

Prioritize for Maximum Learning Impact

  • Evaluate and score each learning program based on predicted impact
  • Tie impact to the goals and costs involved, enabling data-driven prioritization.
  • Use impact scores to strategically allocate resources
  • Focus on programs that offer the highest value to learners and the organization.

Align Every Task with Strategic Goals

  • Map every L&D task to the organization’s strategic goals
  • Ensure that even tactical work contributes to broader objectives.
  • Keep your team aligned and motivated by showing how they contribute to business targets.

Cognota Enables You To Assign Resources To

Projects Based On Workload And Availability

Understand Who Is Available To Take On More Work And Who Is Overloaded

  • View resource availability by role, time period, project or team
  • Quick reassign additional resources to high priority projects
  • Optimize your team’s time to ensure you’re providing as much value as possible to your business partners

Prioritize Resources To Deliver Programs On Time And On Budget

  • Assess capacity and reorganize resources to address programs that need immediate attention
  • Understand which due dates are coming up and when team members will have more capacity
  • Assess training requests as they come in and what your team is capable of taking on

Report On Capacity To Determine And Show How Much Value L&D Is Delivering

  • See team capacity as it automatically appears in a highly graphical dashboard
  • Understand how many hours have already been assigned and illustrate team availability
  • Easily showcase where learning investments are being made across the business
  • Ensure senior leaders understand the value that L&D is providing across the organization

FAQs About Cognota’s Learning

Strategy Feature

Setting objectives in Cognota enables you to establish clear and measurable L&D objectives and programs, serving as a foundational roadmap for your team. By setting these strategic goals upfront, you can ensure that every learning request and project undertaken is directly linked to and supports your overall L&D vision, fostering a more focused and impactful approach to learning and development within your organization.

Impact scoring is designed to assess and score each learning program based on its potential impact in relation to targeted goals and associated costs. This enables your team to make informed decisions about which learning initiatives to prioritize, focusing on those that promise the greatest benefits for learners and the organization, and ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

Learning Strategy ensures that every L&D task, no matter how tactical, is connected to your organization’s strategic objectives. This alignment ensures that all learning activities contribute to the broader corporate vision, providing clear visibility into how L&D efforts are directly supporting business success and keeping the team focused on high-priority initiatives.

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