Free eLearning Storyboard Template

eLearning experiences need to be highly visual to engage learners. But that visualization should start as early as possible in the course design process.

Building a rough version of the course helps you and your team to understand how the user experience will play out for your learners. It enables you to spot and correct errors before getting too deep into the design process and ensures you’re selecting the right assessment methods at the right time. 

This eLearning storyboard template provides a space for the training project team to collaborate over the visuals and user experience of a new course before diving into more complex design components. 

Once your storyboard is complete, everyone involved in design will have a handy blueprint they can use as a reference point. The template enables you to:

  • Create a visual flow of the course
  • Provide feedback on design ideas and elements
  • Decide on the navigation components
  • Draft assessment points throughout the course
  • Gather action points for next steps in the design process
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Download the Template:

blank laptop screen on home office desk

Free eLearning Storyboard Template