eBook – Defining L&D’s Impact With Operational Data

Created in partnership with Brandon Hall Group

Created in partnership with Brandon Hall Group, this eBook outlines how learning and development teams can leverage operational data and insights to tell the story of their value and impact back to the organization.

Demonstrating the value of training programs and the strain high demand can place on L&D resources is a challenge common to many training functions. But operational data holds the key to tying learning outcomes to business outcomes.

Insights such as these are pivotal to cementing L&D’s seat at the table in terms of organizational performance and essential for conversations around the need for increased budget and resources.

In the eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • The growing profile of L&D in the organization and how to demonstrate its value to business performance
  • Common challenges in learning measurement and how to overcome them
  • What constitutes operational data and how can L&D use it effectively
  • Which operations data to identify, access, and analyze in relation to learning outcomes
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