We’ve Got a New Name! Synapse is Now Cognota.

Cognota Logo

We couldn’t be more excited to share the news that we’ve changed our company name to Cognota. This change has been in the works for quite a bit and was a big decision. But we couldn’t be more pleased with it and the new visual identity that was developed to support the change. It comes at the same time as one of the largest feature updates we’ve done in our history.

The most important thing to mention though is that our mission remains unchanged. As Cognota, we’re still on a mission to enable more people to learn and grow by providing our customers with a platform that allows them run their learning operations more efficiently.

This change supports our larger vision to Power Learning Operations Across the Enterprise.

When we founded Synapse in 2015, our product was mostly for instructional designers. Now, with functionality for the entire learning team, we knew the time was right for a new name. Since Cognota implies cognition or understanding it is a perfect name for the technology that powers operations for learning teams.

Another reason that the name change was important was that there are a number of other companies who use the name Synapse for themselves or their products. We’ve had to field calls for everything from magazine subscriptions, to pills, to headphones and games! We know our technology is unique and we want to be sure that people can find it. 

Here’s some more details about the branding.

The Logo

You’ll see that the ‘mark’ to the left of Cognota is a derivation of the old Synapse logo. We wanted to stay tied to our roots given our mission is still the same and our customers are the reason we are where we are today.

Secondary Marks / Taglines

One of the other things that we’ve been challenged with, given our software is the only one of its kind, is helping people understand what we do! To help solve this we included a couple of versions of the tagline “Your LearnOps Platform” to illustrate that. This is a bit of a diversion from the proper brand but we’ll use it under special circumstances when we need to and it looks pretty nice! 

Bold But Calming Colors

The color palette was inspired by the contrast of learning styles—black and white vs. color, analytical vs. creative. We stuck to a clear and concise look using black, white, and shades of grey, while allowing bolder color to provide added meaning and interest throughout. The colors in the palette are vibrant and strong, while still feeling approachable.

The secondary colors are calming and clean and we love that we’ll have a selection of colors when we need a little pop!

Swirls, Circles and Other Cool Design Elements

We’ve incorporated a number of additional elements that you’ll notice throughout the site and on our collateral. They add personality and emphasis when we need it, and can take a plain simple look and give it more interest.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

This company name change and rebrand marks a new chapter for our company. A lot of work went into making sure we got this right. We’re incredibly grateful to have a wonderful partnership with a design firm that helped bring our new look and feel to life. And our internal team was absolutely fantastic in attending meetings, providing feedback, and working with our customers and partners to make sure everything was ready to go. You’ll see the new brand elements all over the website. But, like every website, we’re still doing some updates. So keep coming back if you’re interested in seeing things continue to transform!

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We’ve Got a New Name! Synapse is Now Cognota.