STUDY: High Performers Share Knowledge

A recent study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), Building a Culture of Learning: The Foundation of a Successful Organization, uncovered insights of high-performance organizations regarding their learning and development initiatives.

The report found that in the best companies, employees share what they know.  In such organizations, employees are four times more likely to share knowledge with their colleagues as workers at low-performance organizations.

But how does a company get people to share?  Apparently, it’s more than simply tools:  enterprise software abounds, with no shortage of platforms, devices, or portals to log in to or join.

The ATD found that high-performance organizations are roughly twice as likely as low-performance companies to supplement such tools with instruction for employees on how to use the sharing tools to further the spread of valuable learning content across a team, department, division, or the entire company.

The ATD also makes several recommendations to encourage a learning culture:

  1. Encourage and facilitate employee knowledge sharing via social media or enterprise social platforms.
  2. Personalize development plans for every employee.
  3. Add accountability and goals for learning to employees’ performance expectations.

However, sharing means much more than posting an update or sending a link in a message. This might work well for content created outside of the company.

But what about sharing the knowledge and expertise that already exists within the four walls of the company?

Cognota® platform helps you achieve the goal of fostering a learning culture by first creating and sharing the actual subject matter or task-related knowledge that employees utilize every day. Such know-how can be transformed into full-fledged courses, using a combination of Cognota® proprietary technology as well as the expertise of a professional instructional designer.  In this way, an individual can share knowledge first.

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STUDY: High Performers Share Knowledge