New Cognota Feature: L&D Team Capacity Planning

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Manage the Resources and Capacity of Your Training Team in Just a Few Clicks

When you have multiple training projects on the go and more requests for training coming to your L&D team every week, it becomes extremely challenging to maintain visibility. You may be left wondering:

  • What is your team currently working on?
  • Do they have the capacity to take on more work?
  • Who exactly on your team has capacity and who doesn’t?
  • When should a new project begin based on resource availability?

All of these questions and more will be answered with the release of Cognota Capacity Planning. Finally, you’ll have a full understanding of your team’s capacity, ongoing work, and be able to better plan and prioritize new training projects. 

Introducing the all new Capacity Planning Feature!!

Why Capacity Planning?

With learning and development teams under more pressure than ever before to design, deploy, and frequently update learning experiences for the full organization, L&D leaders need a way to streamline operations to maximize the output of their team. 

Understanding the current workload of your team members and their existing and future capacity for new projects is the key that unlocks the most efficient allocation of resources in L&D. Not only will you be able to predict and manage your team’s workload better, but having access to this level of operational data also helps you to tell the story of L&D within your organization. Capacity Planning enables you to demonstrate your team’s true availability to take on new projects or work more quickly on existing projects.

Maintain Visibility on Resource Allocation at the Project Level

One of the most challenging aspects of juggling multiple training projects is understanding who is working on what – and for how long. 

Since we first released our Planning Board, Cognota users have been able to create and manage every training project, monitor the status of projects, customize the stages of project development to their needs, and easily move projects from one stage to the next.

Now, you can also manage which team members are assigned to projects, giving you better oversight into who on your team is working on what at any given time.

Get Detailed Visibility into Assigned Resources

Apart from assigning team members to projects, L&D managers can assign the specific amount of time per week that team members will be spending on the project. Once the hours are assigned, this will be reflected on the project card. This way, you can easily see how much time each member is spending on different projects.

Manage & View Team Capacity

Having visibility into individual projects is great, but you also need a dedicated team-wide view of your capacity to make decisions about upcoming projects.

With the Capacity view, you can maintain a weekly overview into whether members of your team are working over or under capacity. You’ll also be able to view their upcoming capacity so you can quickly and efficiently assign resources to new and upcoming projects.

This dedicated view provides you with a real-time snapshot of your team’s capacity and the capacity of individual team members.

Assign Job Roles

Different roles on your team may be more in demand than others. Each new training project might require an instructional designer, an eLearning developer, a project manager, and so on. Each of those roles may also have to dedicate vastly different amounts of time to the project.

The Job Roles functionality enables you to assign a role to each member of your team. So, when you’re viewing the Capacity board, you’ll have a more valuable snapshot of the available resources on your team.

With this introduction of Resource Assignments and Capacity, Cognota enables you to see a full list of your team members, their roles, and their capacity status for each week. For the first time ever, L&D teams will have a dedicated, purpose-built platform to manage learning operations that are critical to keeping pace with the organizational demand for training.

Get Started with Capacity Planning

If you’re an existing Cognota client, contact your customer success manager if you’d like to learn more about Capacity Planning and how best to leverage the new feature. If you’re not yet a client and you’d like to learn more about how Resource Assignments and other Cognota features can help your L&D team become more operationally efficient, feel free to start a risk-free 14 day free trial.

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