With 2023 Underway, LearnOps® Will Play a Larger Role in a Changing Industry

learning and development industry outlook webinar summary

A webinar held recently entitled “2023 L&D Industry Outlook” sought to discuss L&D challenges in a deeper context, as viewed by different stakeholders in the industry.  Hosted by Ryan Austin, founder and CEO of Cognota, and moderated by Debbie Richards, Chief Technology Officer of Creative Interactive Ideas, webinar participants also included:  Check out the full […]

LearnOps Customer Roundtable: Project Management Strategies

learnops roundtable project management strategies

We can’t believe we kicked off our LearnOps Customer Roundtable sessions over four months ago, with our next on the calendar for August 23 at 11:00am ET.  The goal of these roundtable sessions are to give our customers and L&D professionals a space to engage, discuss and share ideas on topics that are important to […]

LearnOps Customer Roundtable: Working with Subject Matter Experts

LearnOps customer roundtable - working with subject matter experts

Last week we held another LearnOps Customer Roundtable on the topic of working with Subject Matter Experts (SME). These roundtable sessions aim to give our customers a space to engage, discuss and share ideas on topics that are important to them as L&D professionals. So we sat back and listened to what’s been top of […]

LearnOps Customer Roundtable: Sharing Insights on L&D Team Capacity

learnops customer roundtable

We recently ran our first LearnOps Customer Roundtable on the topic of Tracking and Monitoring Team Capacity. These roundtable sessions aim to give our customers a space to engage, discuss and share ideas on topics that are important to them as L&D professionals.  We’ll be running more of these sessions in the future, but wanted […]

What Does a Learning Operations Manager Do?

learning operations manager

Job titles on an L&D team can vary widely. From Chief Learning Officer to L&D Assistant, today’s learning teams encompass a range of skillsets, experience levels, and professional designations. Further, depending on the size of the organization—and oftentimes, depending on the task at hand—an L&D professional may hold several roles and perform several tasks regardless […]

LearnOps Leadership Episode with Dr. Sydney Savion: Running L&D Like a Business

dr sydney savion learnops leadership

Cognota founder and CEO Ryan Austin had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Sydney Savion, Chief Learning Officer of City Block Health and veteran L&D professional, as part of Cognota’s LearnOps Leadership Series. The goal of the series is to speak with seasoned practitioners to better understand the challenges facing L&D teams, and to explore […]

Is Your Training Program Leaking Precious Budget and Resources?

training team efficiency with resources

Training budgets have always been under strain, but thanks to the pandemic, the situation has become especially challenging. According to human capital analyst firm Brandon Hall Group, at the end of 2019, only 13% of companies said they were facing a decrease in the L&D budget. However, in July 2021, 40% said they had seen […]

What is LearnOps? And How Can it Benefit L&D?


In a recent study, ATD analyzed the most common barriers to faster production of training. The core focus of the study was to benchmark how long it takes to create different types of training, but the results also offered some insights into the current operational challenges faced by learning teams. The top three biggest barriers […]