Learning Tech Talks: Operationalizing the Learning Process

learning tech talks

In a recent appearance on the Learning Tech Talks podcast hosted by Christopher Lind, Cognota CEO, Ryan Austin, talked about the challenges currently faced by training teams and why technology solutions are the way forward.

There’s no doubt that recent events have accelerated L&D’s need to formalize processes and streamline workflows at the front-end of training development.

In one particularly memorable L&D metaphor, Christopher and Ryan talked in-depth about the problem of training teams “McGuiver-ing” their tech solutions. That is to say, a lot of the silos and communication breakdowns that occur between training team members and their learners are because of patched-together solutions, tools, and processes that are not purpose-built for learning development.

Throughout the podcast episode, Christopher and Ryan explore the supply-chain of learning, and how, just like with any type of production process, 

You can find the full episode below. You can also check out more Learning Tech Talks episodes here or follow Christopher on LinkedIn for updates. 

And, if you’d like to learn more about Cognota after watching the podcast, we’d love to chat!

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Learning Tech Talks: Operationalizing the Learning Process