Don’t Write off Instructor-Led Training Just Yet

With thousands of courses and learning opportunities, we still need competent teachers.

With the explosion of online courses, tutorials, and other self-directed learning materials, the L&D leader may think that instructor-led training (ILT) is all but dead.

But don’t count on that just yet.

According to The Future of Corporate Learning: Ten Disruptive Trends, a presentation published on LinkedIn SlideShare by HR consulting firm Bersin by Deloitte, ILT was as high as 77 percent of total L&D spending in 2009, declining to 53 percent in 2012, and shrinking to only 32 percent in 2015.

These numbers, however, are for live, in-person, ILT. Bersin also tracked Virtual ILT, which, when added to these figures, gives a much brighter picture. Combined ILT and Virtual ILT for 2009 was 81 percent of spending, then 59 percent in 2012, and 45 percent in 2015.

Still a decline, but not bad overall, representing slightly less than half of all training material content. The other categories Bersin tracked were Online Self-Study, On-the-Job, and Collaboration.

But what are companies doing to maximize their investment in both ILT and Virtual ILT? Clearly, the design, development, and delivery of such learning content is the most resource-intensive.

So is there a solution to make it less resource-intensive, while still relying on a human instructor?

Cognota® platform addresses this pain point. Rather than wasting time and money with live, in-person facilitators, or pull employees away from tasks in order to provide team members with ad-hoc instruction, Cognota allows you to capture your employees’ expertise once, and create courses which can be accessed infinitely.

The courses can encompass video, audio, screencast, images or text, and can include testing modules for assessment. Further, Synpase integrates into your LMS so you can map employee utilization to on-the-job performance.

More importantly, you can transform your experts into instructors, lending credibility and scalability to their work in your organization.

You might be surprised that the ‘inner teacher’ lies in your company’s most respected professionals — let us help you identify that.

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Don’t Write off Instructor-Led Training Just Yet