Cognota Product Tips: Creative Ways to Use Your Design Outputs

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Our Customer Success Team shares some interesting ways we’re seeing our customers use the Cognota design outputs.

Cognota’s Design features have been used by customers to streamline their instructional design process, create alignment with subject matter experts and rapidly design content that can be launched within a Learning Management System. 

But over the last few years, our Customer Success team has seen how our customers are designing different output types, or using the design functionality to elevate their content creation process. 

We wanted to share some of the creative ways our customers are using the design section outputs. Here are some of our favourites: 

While Instructor-Led training is more and more commonly of the virtual variety, there is still a focus on providing live, facilitated content to learners. While this has traditionally been developed and delivered using PowerPoint, some of our customers have started using the URL output from their training as an engaging way to navigate through training content instead of using a presentation. 

If the content you’re delivering is a combination of videos, other image or PDF assets and text, this can be a great fit. You can even incorporate some knowledge check questions and survey the audience as you go. 

The biggest difference with this approach is that the navigation, while traditionally slide based, would be more of a scroll through the content. While this might not make much difference from a learner perspective, it’s important for the instructor to practice how they’ll navigate through the content flow. 

Some courses require a robust authoring tool to design and develop the content.
“Where does Cognota fit if we’re going to use an authoring tool?” we often get asked. Cognota is still a great way to collaborate with your subject matter experts, and blueprint out what the training will look like and investing time in this upfront alignment is a great way to reduce your overall development time. 

Customers that we’ve worked with have shared that they often use the URL that’s generated from their work in Cognota and share it as a prototype with any stakeholders that need to give approval and sign-off.  This gives them an easy way to produce a high-quality, interactive output that they can collect feedback and iterate on prior to beginning their formal development. 

Content that is frequently changing is a great fit for a Design within Cognota. Picture this all too common scenario. A policy has changed and you’re tasked with communicating the new policy to all employees. While typically this might be communicated via email or a PDF, you can easily create a Cognota Design that can be distributed via the share URL. Employees can access, reference and bookmark the resource so that they have it handy over time. 

Now, the next time that the Policy changes, you can simply log back into Cognota, make your revisions and publish those changes. Anywhere the link has been saved or bookmarked the changes will now be live. 

This is a great way to ensure that any content that is frequently changing, stays updated, and your employees have the reference materials they require. 

Content designed and developed in Cognota is mobile responsive, which means it can be a great candidate for creating a digital job aid or reference guide. You can quickly assemble a combination of text, video, PDF and other asset types so that your employees have access to this important material as they work. 

Because the content can be shared via SCORM and URL, it’s easy to ensure that these materials are accessible in both the LMS and any other tools where employees would access these materials. 

Similar to the policy update use case, maintaining any updates to the content is as easy as a single click!

Are you using the Design functionality for any creative output types or use cases? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note at 

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