Cognota Collaborates with Telus Employer Solutions to Provide Virtual Training Platform for Remote Learning

TELUS Employer Solutions to leverage Cognota robust remote web-based software to improve learning management solution for collaborative corporate development for customers

Toronto, Aug 13, 2020 Cognota, a provider of instructional design software, today announced an agreement with TELUS Employer Solutions (TES) to deliver a robust corporate virtual training solution to be integrated with the company’s learning management solution. This platform will be used by TES customers to improve collaborative corporate training and development during this period of increased remote work, and beyond.

This agreement will enable TELUS Employer Solutions to offer the full life cycle of learning development and content creation as part of its Human Capital Management System (HCMS). This innovative approach to creating training content will drastically reduce the time required to develop quality training that can be deployed through the company’s existing platform and drive operational cost efficiencies for organizations struggling as a result of the pandemic.

“We are delighted to be able to provide TELUS Employer Solutions with Cognota so they can rapidly produce robust learning solutions for its customers and easily deploy through its existing HCMS,” said Cognota CEO Ryan Austin. “Getting the right training into the hands of employees at this time of work transformation is incredibly important, and our ability to help our customers save a significant amount of time through a combined solution will help employees more smoothly shift to the new normal.”

This partnership is particularly timely as organizations adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing learning environment that it has entailed. When the global pandemic forced many employees to work from home, unprecedented pressure was placed on corporate learning teams who were called upon to both convert live training to e-learning and to provide additional training in response to the pandemic.

“TELUS Employer Solutions has a long history of helping our customers get the most out of virtual learning and in today’s environment, where we see many of our customer’s employees struggle as they adapt to working from home, there has never been a more urgent need to improve the training experience,” said Shane Sabatino, VP & President, TELUS Employer Solutions. “Supporting continual learning and producing timely and effective content can be a challenge for a lot of companies, by working with Cognota, we are helping to ensure these organizations can not only manage their learning content management from planning to delivery, but also quickly deploy effective solutions to keep employees engaged and up-to-speed, no matter where they are located, as their business continues to evolve.”

The increased demand due to significant business transformation in recent months are difficult to fulfill for learning teams who frequently hit roadblocks when attempting to create training quickly. A 2017 study by the Association for Talent Development found that depending on its complexity, one hour of training can take anywhere between 28-140 hours to create. This translates to upwards of $10,000 per hour of content — a challenging figure for organizations already struggling to keep budgets tight in the current economic climate.

This agreement will allow TELUS Employer Solutions to help training teams be more productive in responding to the changing needs of the business, while keeping costs in line.

“This is truly a win-win relationship that has come at just the right time,” added Austin. “And the fact that we’re both Canadian companies gives us an additional sense of pride in being able to offer a comprehensive, made-in-Canada solution that is innovative in the market.”

About Cognota
Cognota helps companies around the world improve the capacity of their corporate learning and development teams. Our award-winning software streamlines training intake, planning and instructional design processes to make training teams more digital, agile and efficient. This first-of-its-kind software allows our customers to quickly create highly visual storyboards and use rapid authoring to develop courses that can be published in multiple formats in a fraction of the time it takes with existing tools. Collaboration with subject matter experts takes place directly within the platform ensuring knowledge is effectively captured and easy to update as changes require. Founded in 2015, Cognota has clients in multiple sectors and is based out of Toronto Canada with offices in San Diego and Merida, Mexico. For more information about Cognota software, visit


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Cognota Collaborates with Telus Employer Solutions to Provide Virtual Training Platform for Remote Learning