Cognota Announces Strategic Partnership with IBM Global Business Services to Offer an Integrated Solution for SAP SuccessFactors Clients

Cognota is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with IBM Global Business Services to provide an integrated solution for their SAP SuccessFactors clients. SAP SuccessFactors clients will be able to use Cognota to manage training intake and plan, design and rapidly collaborate on course creation right within the SAP SuccessFactors platform.

“We’re excited to be partnering with IBM Global Business Services to offer their SAP SuccessFactors clients a complete learning solution to manage the learning development life-cycle,” says Cognota CEO Ryan Austin, “Cognota has many mutual clients with SAP SuccessFactors, so this partnership is a real win-win for both our companies.”

Three Great Companies Working Together to Provide a Powerful Learning Solution

IBM Global Business Services is the business and technology partner of choice for many of the world’s leading firms. They work with their clients to design solutions to attract, develop and retain talent. The goal is to transform businesses into cognitive enterprises to enable global growth. Their expert consultants redesign processes, apps, and cloud infrastructures to support migration to cloud, AI and advanced analytics, and business continuity among others.

SAP SuccessFactors is a complete Human Capital Management platform with a built-in LMS. The LMS is focused on helping organizations create a culture of continuous learning. Customers can create personalized blended learning paths for employees through Learning Accomplishments and an extended enterprise environment for partners, dealers, franchisers, and customers on the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Marketplace. 

Cognota’s Learning Design System is collaborative software to manage training intake and streamline instructional design projects so learning teams and subject matter experts can work more efficiently. Cognota empowers organizations to keep up with the demand for training by providing the tools for agile learning development. Functionality like collaboration, task management, storyboarding and rapid authoring enable project owners to work seamlessly with subject matter experts and other stakeholders to produce high-quality courses, quickly. Analytics and dashboards provide additional visibility for decision making.  

A Seamless Solution to a Persistent Problem

This strategic partnership provides a much-needed solution to a disconnect that currently exists between training intake, instructional design, and learning delivery. The current learning technology ecosystem is made up of several disparate solutions that organizations are currently jumping between as training goes from ideation and development to completion and eventual delivery to learners. 

With this new partnership, IBM Global Business Services provides both a strategic framework and a complete solution, enabling Cognota’s collaborative platform and SAP SuccessFactors HCM platform to work seamlessly together.

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Cognota Announces Strategic Partnership with IBM Global Business Services to Offer an Integrated Solution for SAP SuccessFactors Clients