Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 at Cognota

For over 100 years, the world has been celebrating International Women’s Day to commemorate the struggles of women in the past, spark conversation about challenges we still currently face, and identify opportunities for change and improvement for women all over the world. 

The women of Cognota decided to commemorate International Women’s Day 2021 by discussing women who have particularly inspired us, both past and present. 


Manager, Demand Generation

Inspiration: Kate Moon
I used to take Kate Moon’s yoga classes while I lived in Charleston, SC. I haven’t attended one of Kate’s classes in quite a while, but I still feel inspired by her achievements and the lessons she shared during her practice. Kate has overcome several hurdles, but her positivity and drive landed her exactly where she was destined to be. I am constantly inspired by Kate’s story, her outlook on life, and her dedication to empower others.


VP, Client Success


Inspiration: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
A leader for women’s rights throughout her career, she used her intelligence, voice and passion to advocate for change! I find it really empowering anytime a woman leads in a space or role typically occupied by men. Her ability to persist through adversity and passion and commitment to her purpose are things I’ve found inspiring.


Chief Revenue Officer

Inspiration: Gloria Steinem
She has done so many things to further women’s rights and advocate for equality and justice. I’m inspired by how tenacious she is and unafraid to speak up for what’s right. I had the absolute pleasure of hearing her speak and meeting her in person several years ago which I’ll always cherish.


Product Designer

Inspiration: My mom
She inspires me in the way she lifted herself and her professional life up from very little and the way she always cares for her loved ones. She is a hard-working, strong, and dedicated woman and because of that she is always busy, but she still finds time to help others.


Release Manager

Inspiration: Jacinda Ardern
Jacinda Ardern, current Prime Minister of New Zealand, has led her country through a successful response to COVID-19. Time and time again, she has shown the ability to make hard, data-driven decisions with honesty, integrity, respect, and compassion. In particular, I am inspired by this quote: “One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I’m not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow, because I’m empathetic, it means I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.”


Content Marketing Manager

Inspiration: Anne Enright
Anne Enright is an Irish female writer and winner of the Booker prize. It’s well known that Irish female writers were sidelined right up until the mid-late 20th century and she is an example of someone who broke down a lot of barriers to achieve her success. Especially because her writing deals with women-centric themes including motherhood. Anne herself describes her writing career as “rocking the pram with one hand and typing with the other.” Her honesty, talent, and commitment to her craft are an inspiration. 


Software Developer

Inspiration: My grandma
She is a business woman, through sewing clothes, selling jewelry and help from my grandpa she built many houses to rent. With that she pays her meds and throws parties. She basically taught us to spend money on the right things. Plus she is always full of energy which is awesome

So here’s to women everywhere, including historical trailblazers, modern icons, and the women in our lives who inspire us every day. Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 at Cognota