7 Ways Incorporating Machine Learning Can Improve eLearning

machine learning in elearning

As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to find innovative ways to improve other industries, the learning and development sector is no exception. Machine learning offers a lot of potential applications and benefits for the online learning space. Its ability to process vast amounts of data and provide valuable insights for enterprise-level companies.  Here are […]

How AR is Transforming eLearning

AR in learning and development

The terms “augmented reality” and “virtual reality” might still seem like tools for the future, but that’s only because you might be thinking of them in a Hollywood way. Sure, they make for good sci-fi plots, but what do they have to do with eLearning?  Virtual reality and augmented reality aren’t just for movie plotlines […]

The Importance Of Upskilling And Reskilling In Covid-19 And Beyond

Who could have expected the COVID-19 crisis? It has upended everything, especially for business operations. The recent pandemic has impacted both the economy and the job market, and employers have been forced to change the way they work. The keyword over these last 12 months has been “survivability,” and for many organizations, this has meant […]

4 Perfect Opportunities To Switch Up Your Training Program

switch up your training programs

As anyone in the L&D industry knows, training programs have become a crucial element of a business structure. Small business, corporate enterprises and non-profits now all see significant value in training their staff in new skills, industry development and general management skills to improve the output of their business and make it a more desirable […]