7 Tools for Creating Training Request Forms: a Comparative Guide

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The jig is up for training intake. L&D teams are starting to realize that bottlenecks in the training design process begin in this very first stage, and it’s time to do something about it. Creating effective training request forms is the first step.

Manual processes and ad-hoc requests are slowing down the prioritization of training projects for overstretched corporate training departments. It can be hard enough to keep up with mandatory course updates, never mind centralizing and sifting through training requests for new courses.

Finding a way to standardize your approach to training intake can cut down massively on the time you spend processing requests and gathering requirements. And all that starts with building training request forms that do the work for you.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of online form building tools that you can use to create the perfect training request form. 

1. Google Forms

Google Forms allows you to create an unlimited amount of forms for free. It’s mostly used for quick surveys, but there are a lot of question type options available for a free tool. As it’s part of the Google Suite, you can pull any data entered on a form into a Google Sheet document. However, it may take a little work to format the data for analysis. 


  • Use a photo or logo, and Google Forms automatically pulls in the colours to your form design
  • Good variety of question types
  • The form can be shared via email, link, or embedded directly on a website


  • Design customization is limited to logo and colours
  • Limited insights into form submissions 

Cost: Free

2. Typeform

If the look and feel of your form are of high importance, Typeform is a reliable option. Typeform guides users while they create forms for either quizzes or surveys and offers lots of options for customizing the design.

Typeform is often used for client feedback, website forms, and user research, but their more basic features are suitable for creating training request forms. Where it falls down is in the distribution of those forms, as it gets a little complicated if you want anything beyond a simple share link.


  • Lots of easy-to-use templates
  • Tons of design customization options


While it’s a useful tool, the share functionalities are relatively limited. It can be shared via email and embedded, but the set up of these options is a little complex and needs to be connected to existing tools. In this way, it’s a better fit for marketing activities than in-house form sharing.

Although they can be linked to Google Sheets for further analysis, the insights provided are basic.

Cost: $23-44 per month depending on your preferred plan

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3. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft built this web-based tool in response to Google Forms. Since the functionalities are mostly the same, the only difference comes down to whether you’re a G-Suite or a Microsoft Office person.

Like Google Forms, you can also open the responses and insights in Excel for further analysis.


  • Built to work with other MS products 
  • Quick and easy to use


  • Does not integrate with non-Microsoft products
  • No file upload options
  • Limited sharing/distribution options

Cost: Free for existing Microsoft users

4. Jotform

Jotform is one of the most popular form builders because of its vast amount of templates and high level of customization options. However, removing the Jotform logo and building more than five forms comes at a price.

It’s also popular due to its focus on integration with other platforms. Users can use their Zapier integration to connect with other popular apps. 


  • Thousands of templates or the option to build a form from scratch
  • Zapier integration


  • Payment needed to remove Jotform branding
  • Their customer support has received some negative feedback
  • The visual form builder is not as user-friendly as other options on the list

Cost: Free – $82.50 per month

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5. Woofu

While the user interface leaves a lot to be desired, this form builder has stood the test of time, having been around since 1999. However, Woofu‘s functionality in terms of the actual form building rates highly compared to other similar options on this list.

On a premium plan, users can even create branching and logic to direct respondents to specific questions based on their answers to previous ones.  


  • If/then branching for form building
  • Zapier integration


  • Limited number of forms on the free plan
  • Outdated design

Cost: Free – $183.25

6. Formstack

This platform is a decent option for users who want a highly professional look when creating training request forms. It’s mainly used by businesses in highly professional, regulated industries for that reason. Formstack even offers HIPAA and GDPR-compliant form options, so you know you’re compliant as you are building the form.


  • Highly professional looking forms
  • A/B testing to test form performance


  • Reported to have slow support response times
  • Does not save drafts when creating forms

Cost: $19-249 per month or more for Enterprise plans

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7. Cognota

While others on this list may focus on form building, we’re going to take a second to plug our own training intake software

Form builders only take you to the first step. Training intake software is about providing employees with a place to easily submit requests, and providing L&D teams with a platform to create forms, easily accept or decline requests with all the information needed. The insights feature also allows you to view your training intake data for better reporting and planning.


  • Create standardized training request forms
  • Gather requirements and assess potential business impact
  • Easily manage and prioritize training requests
  • Provide in-app feedback to the requestor
  • Training intake data and insights for reporting and planning

Cost: Quotes are completely customized with a free trial available

Whichever tool you decide to try out, the benefits of taking your training intake process from fly-by requests, long meetings, and email chains to standardized request forms are undeniable. Which of these tools will you start with to create your training request form?

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