LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 21:
Charles Jennings

Cognota CEO, Ryan Austin, and Charles Jennings, best known for introducing the 70:20:10 method in learning and development, join Learning News to talk about learning operations and why an operational framework, processes and standards might be needed and about LearnOps® and what it provides.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

LearnOps is Not Just Another Framework

Unlike methodologies and frameworks for learning design, LearnOps focuses on the entire operations of the L&D team from strategy to alignment and deployment, across all processes.

Leveling Up the Way L&D Works

Other departments have an operational focus and have done for years, from engineering (DevOps) to sales and marketing (RevOps). LearnOps empowers L&D teams to up their game.

Adding Value (And Proving It)

From evidence to inform data-driven strategies to the ability to demonstrate the impact of your training team, LearnOps enables L&D leaders to mine data from across processes and collaboration points to add and demonstrate value. 

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LearnOps Leadership: Episode 21 – Charles Jennings