LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 17:
Chrissie Leibman

Chrissie Leibman, Senior Vice President of Learning and Development for TAG – The Aspen Group, is a big believer in blending the core, constant purpose of L&D with a future-focused mindset and best practices. Listen to the full episode to hear her thoughts on the future of L&D in full.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

Be a Student AND an Instructor

Everyone wears the hat of both learner and instructor in different scenarios. That’s why organizations are moving away from large scale programs to fit the changing was people learn and communicate.

Core Purpose + Future Mindset

L&D’s core purpose of distributing knowledge and expertise the best way possible hasn’t changed. What has changed is the rise of supportive mechanisms – like technology – to enable L&D to do this more efficiently than ever.

Create Constant Feedback Loops

Feedback loops should be as frequent as possible, but they don’t always have to be big or complex. Even scrappy, qualitative feedback loops can provide truly valuable insights.

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