LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 16:
Kason Morris

As the Head of Learning Experience Design at Salesforce, Kason knows a thing or two about building efficiency into learning workflows and linking training results to business KPIs.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

Learning Operations is the Next Evolution

Most learning and development teams have got to grips with measuring learning results. Now, it’s time to turn the lens inward and understand KPIs like development costs, how fast new materials are going to market, and how is success measured.

Learning KPIs Vs. Business KPIs

It’s one thing to understand learning KPIs. It’s another thing to understand business KPIs. The real challenge is tying them together in a way that makes the business impact of learning indisputable.

Link Traditional Metrics to Ongoing L&D Goals

How does the participation rate in a course, or a thumbs up from a learner link to overarching L&D objectives such as improving a specific skill and leveling up employees in their skillset.

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