LearnOps Leadership Series

Episode 10:
Rob Lauber

Ryan is joined by Rob Lauber, former CLO at McDonald’s, to talk about structuring learning and development functions for global operations and the shift to a “big picture” perspective for L&D.

Key Take Aways from this Episode

Federated Training Functions

Rob shares his experience of moving from a centralized training model to a federated structure and how this benefited the team and learners in a global business like McDonalds.

A Wider Scope for Training

Learning and development teams have new priorities and higher workloads to contend with than ever before as wellbeing initiatives and Diversity and Inclusion training become increasingly prevalent. 

The L&D Balancing Act

It’s becoming increasingly challenging for learning leaders to determine what their priorities are from a training perspective, and how can they allocate resources against those priorities to deliver the biggest business impact possible.

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LearnOps Leadership: Episode 10 – Rob Lauber