How Does Employees’ Screen Fatigue Affect Your eLearning Performance?

While eLearning and remote meetings were already well underway long before the arrival of the pandemic, the delivery method is not without its issues: employees report that they have experienced screen fatigue. The Psychiatric Times points to audio as the main reason that video meetings are draining. Even millisecond delays in virtual verbal responses negatively […]

What is a Learner Persona?


Instructional designers, and by extension the organizations in which they work, want learning experiences to truly resonate with employees. Yet, oftentimes, courses fall short. Despite beautiful design work, providing support for the most in-demand industry skills as requested by the same learners, courses often just don’t accomplish what they set out to achieve. Of course, […]

Instructional Design Storyboarding Software And Tools

instructional design storyboarding tools and technology

Storyboarding organizes images and graphics in order to “pre-visualize” an interactive media sequence. It plans the narrative in pre-production, a blueprint of sorts, so everyone on the team can have a much better idea of how the information will be presented. As it relates to instructional design, storyboarding maps the different elements of a proposed […]

The Ultimate Guide to Instructional Design Models

instructional design models

Instructional design is a term used to describe evidence-based strategies and techniques for developing and delivering learning experiences. A learning experience is a broad term that encompasses anything where learning is involved, including courses, presentations, tests and quizzes, and support materials. Without instructional design models, instructional designers and learning leaders would be flying blind when […]

What is Content Analysis in Instructional Design?

It can be nerve wracking to publish a new eLearning course or launch a new series of instructor-led trainings. How can you be sure your learners will like it? More importantly, how can you be sure they will learn effectively as a result? While there are several tasks that fall under the analysis conducted as […]

Halloween Edition: Instructional Design…Horror Stories!

instructional design horror stories

It’s that time of year again! They’re ghastly, ghoulish, and certainly frightening! Naturally, we’re talking about instructional design horror stories. The team here at Cognota gathered around the campfire to share our scariest instructional design horror stories. Read them…if you dare! Lack of clear instructions The group of bleary-eyed learners was nearing the end of […]

5 Reasons Why Instructional Design Principles Still Matter

Instructional design is the process by which learning experiences are developed and delivered. According to Instructional Design Central, these learning experiences include online courses, instructional manuals, mobile and video tutorials, simulations, and assessments. Indeed, instructional designers are considered the ‘architects’ of the learning experience.  However, there is no certainty that instructional design principles are applied […]

National Lazy Day: 5 “Lazy” Instructional Design Tips

national lazy day

Ever heard the phrase “don’t work hard, work smart”? It’s not about shirking duties or cutting corners, it’s about finding the most logical and efficient way to get done what needs to be done.  Well, to celebrate today’s National Lazy Day, we’ve put together some “lazy” instructional design tips to help you work smarter, not […]

What Is Gamification?


Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics, often in non-game contexts, to engage users in solving problems. It’s essentially the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications. Game elements can include rounds, stages or levels, simulations, the collection of items of value, the gaining of points, winning or losing, or a […]