Best eLearning Project Management Tools to Try in 2021

Managing or participating in an eLearning development project can be full of potential pitfalls and challenges. Going beyond instructional design processes and authoring tools, there are lots of areas of eLearning development that need a helping hand from technology. When there are so many moving parts to keep track of, even learning and development projects […]

Why L&D Needs to Ditch Disparate Tools for Purpose-Built Technology Solutions

For some time now, learning and development has been experiencing a deluge of new technology and tools to enable training teams to make the leap into online learning and digital content creation.  Most of the technology available (LMS’s, authoring tools, etc.) focuses on the creation and deployment of learning. L&D have embraced these tools enthusiastically. […]

5 Reasons Why Instructional Design Principles Still Matter

Instructional design is the process by which learning experiences are developed and delivered. According to Instructional Design Central, these learning experiences include online courses, instructional manuals, mobile and video tutorials, simulations, and assessments. Indeed, instructional designers are considered the ‘architects’ of the learning experience.  However, there is no certainty that instructional design principles are applied […]

Developing Sales Enablement Training that Drives Performance

sales enablement training

Sales enablement means providing your sales team with absolutely everything they need to be successful at all stages of the buying process. From tools and technology to product knowledge and marketing materials, sales enablement training is key to nurturing top-performing sales reps. The training component of sales enablement is hugely important. It presents different problems […]

How to Win Internal Buy-In for New Learning Technology

new learning technology

Whether you’ve been asked to find a new solution, or you’ve stumbled across some software that you just know would do wonders for your team, convincing those with the actual purchasing power isn’t always the simplest of tasks. If the purse strings are in someone else’s hands and they’re the ones you need to convince, […]

Learning in the Flow of Work: Fact or Fiction?


We’ve written previously about the importance of creating a culture of learning—an environment in which opportunities to learn become a natural part of the daily work of every employee throughout the organization. This ‘learning in the flow of work’ makes learning natural and unobtrusive. Learning shouldn’t disrupt the day’s work but rather enhance and even […]

DevLearn 2019: The Highlights

DevLearn 2019 highlights

This week saw Cognota back in Las Vegas for one of the most exciting L&D events of the year – DevLearn 2019!  If you haven’t been before, DevLearn is all about embracing the frontier between learning and technology. Learning professionals from across the globe come together to hear about latest developments, what the industry can […]

Demystifying Instructional Design Software

instructional design software

Learning and development teams have many options when it comes to instructional design software. And it’s not just about authoring; all stages of training development can benefit from the tools that make instructional design a much smoother process.  But figuring it all out can be a daunting task!  You’re in luck! In this handy post, […]